LATOKEN VCTV Weekly Announcement (June 15-19)

Malta, MALTA

New York, NY, June 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire)  LATOKEN VCTV is a leading Venture Capital broadcasting and forum platform. VC related discussion panels, roadshows, pitch competitions, keynotes, and startup business model brainstorms are hosted daily and about 300 people watch each of the show. 50+ VC managers, investors, and founders have already participated at LATOKEN VCTV events. VCTV is also streaming major online events of related industries.

You can find the full list of speakers, watch streamings as well as apply to pitch your project and to get your event streamed at

This week’s AGENDA (UK time, GMT +1):

June 15th,  Monday  

4 pm - Panel discussion “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Marketplace, FoodTech, Travel, and Transportation”

June 16th, Tuesday

12 pm - Keynote by Magnus Grimeland, Founder and CEO, Antler
5:30 pm - Panel discussion “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Entertainment, Gaming, and eSports”
6:30 pm - Keynote by Alex Nascimento, Co-Founder, Blockchain at UCLA

June  17th, Wednesday

1 pm - Panel discussion + Pitch competition “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Fintech and Blockchain”
4 pm - Fireside chat on Edge and IOT   

June 18, Thursday      

10 am - Keynote by Marc Pilkington, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Burgundy
5:30 pm - Panel discussion “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: MFG, Supply Chains, and Logistics”


Maria Abozova