Veteran Hollywood Team Takes on Shady Hollywood Accounting and Offers Everyday Investors the Opportunity to Have Their Pet Hit the Big Screen

Award winning filmmakers to adapt “The Furry Fortune” for the big screen, spurning traditional Hollywood funding and enabling pets everywhere to make their big screen debut 


HOLLYWOOD, June 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Award-winning producer, Brad Wilson (prior works include Days of Thunder, Lonesome Dove and Falling Down), Grammy nominated composer Steve Dorff, and award-winning director Justin Ward will bring The Furry Fortune, based on the original children’s book, to the big screen.

Rather than follow the traditional Hollywood financing model that enriches studios while often leaving everyone else behind, this film is being funded via an equity crowdfunding offering that promises complete transparency of all accounting and a pledge that if the film is profitable, investors will receive an actual return on their investment. The stock offering can be accessed at this link:

The live stock offering provides people from all walks of life with an opportunity to invest in the film for as little as $100 or as much as $50,000. Depending on the level of investment and in addition to equity in the film, investors may receive a variety of perks, including having their dog make a cameo in the film, have their pet’s name in the credits, or tickets for the premiere screening, among others.

The movie is an adaptation of the children’s book by D. Goode Morgan about two twins who are growing apart but soon discover their dog, who has tons of fur, begins shedding money. Their neighbors, a malicious IRS agent and his evil son, kidnap the money-making canine and the kids must work together to save their pet and their family. Wilson promises a family-friendly film filled with laughter and adventure.

“There are so many serious, trying issues in the world today and while they are important, we are choosing to focus on developing a film that is fun and uplifting,” said Wilson. “As animal lovers, we know the important role pets play in all families. It’s these feel-good vibes that led us to this unique approach of allowing public investors – and their dogs – to play a role in the development of this film.”

Unlike most Hollywood films, The Furry Fortune producers have promised to provide transparency to investors. Wilson and his team have publicly pledged to avoid ridiculous claims made by Hollywood big wigs, exemplified by Forrest Gump, whose $660 million in box office receipts according to Hollywood, did not produce a profit. Furry Fortune’s intention is to use the profits, if any, from film to pay back all investments first. Any remaining profits will be split by shareholders pro rata based on the percentage of shares each investor owns.

“The team we put together to make this wonderful family film felt it was important that our process of financing the film be something we could be as proud of as the motion picture itself,” said Wilson. “We created a model where movie fans of all ages and income levels can invest small amounts in The Furry Fortune, actually own part of the movie, and be assured that they will know exactly what their investment was used for. Further, once we pay all those transparent expenses and pay each investor back their investment amount, every dime left over will be distributed to the shareholders who invested to make the movie happen, with no Hollywood accounting games being played.”

Wilson has been involved in more than 40 feature films and television projects and worked in production on projects with Robert Duvall for more than a decade. Wilson has put together a team for The Furry Fortune that includes:

  • Writer/director Justin Ward who in 2017 won multiple awards including the American Movie Award as Best First-Time Director for The Meanest Man in Texas.
  • Grammy-nominated composer and Songwriters’ Hall of Fame member Steve Dorff whose credits include composing theme songs for Murphy Brown, Murder She Wrote and Growing Pains
  • Award winning Producer Casey Ward who also appeared alongside Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill in Moneyball

Pre-production of The Furry Fortune is expected to begin shortly after the stock offering closes.

About Furry Fortune 

The Furry Fortune is a family-friendly film about a dog who sheds money. The team behind the film, made up of award-winning creatives, is developing a story filled with action, comedy, and drama that adults and kids will enjoy. To review full details of the stock offering, please visit

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