Top Value Fabrics is Now TVF

Same Quality Fabric, New Corporate Style

Carmel, Indiana, UNITED STATES

CARMEL, Ind., June 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Top Value Fabrics, a leading supplier of high-quality fabric, announced a rebrand to TVF. The rebrand reflects both the evolution of the company as well as a vision for the future.

Top Value Fabrics has served people first since its founding in 1974. At the time, value was synonymous with great quality and competitive prices. TVF has continued to deliver on that message. With the new name and branding, TVF is reasserting itself as a leader in the textile supply industry with a wide spectrum of products from high-end and technical to more economical options.

"I’m confident our brand more clearly reflects who TVF is today,” TVF President Chris Fredericks said. “Our priority to put people first, while providing a superior product, is now more important than ever.”

“While serious uncertainty and challenges persist in our country and in the world, the worst-case pandemic scenarios now seem unlikely and the economy seems to be starting a recovery. During a time like this, it is especially important that people and businesses keep making progress. In that spirit, we are proudly moving forward with our rebrand.”

With the new name comes a new logo and visual recognition for TVF. The mark of interwoven threads represents fabric but also how products and services weave together to help TVF customers succeed every day. The integrated tagline communicates what TVF provides its customers. Fabric. Expertise. Delivered.

“Now is the time to highlight the commitment we offer our customers every day even as we live through these unprecedented circumstances,” said Jeff Swedberg, TVF’s Marketing Director. “This industry can be complicated, and TVF’s experts are here to help our customers choose the right product for their application. When you work with TVF, you’re hiring another member of your team.”

TVF continues to deliver high-quality fabrics as it has for the last 46 years. Applications for these products are vast and include apparel, medical, military, transportation, print media, and a new line of home décor fabrics. To see the full range of products available for order, or begin creating a custom order, visit

About TVF
TVF is an employee-owned, international supplier of industrial, print media, apparel, and home décor fabric with a dedication to helping its customers succeed every day. Since 1974, TVF has offered extensive stock in nylon, vinyl, polyester, and natural fibers as well as custom styles to meet exacting specifications. Fabric. Expertise. Delivered.

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