Cyber security leader, Terafence, partners with leading European advanced manufacturing company to protect against cyber security threats

Technology developed in partnership with Terafence and IMA Group protects the data and confidentiality for IMA Group operations

United States, Israel, June 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IMA Group recently partnered with Terafence, a world leader in cyber security technology, to develop a solution called A4Gate to protect their production plants from cyber security threats and ensure the highest possible security level for IMA Group's machines. IMA Group requires the most secure cyber security solutions on the market, as the company is a leader in manufacturing for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea, coffee, and more.

IMA Group deployed Terafence’s proprietary data flow controller to create the A4Gate digital solution which protects data, confidentiality, and operations of their production plants from cyber security threats, while also monitoring it 24/7. A4Gate is a high-end solution that is cost-effective, simple to install, and fits into both new and existing legacy machines of IMA Group.

“Cyber security is a critical need for the advanced manufacturing sector and is an important topic that must be addressed to accelerate Industry 4.0 methodologies. The solution today for cyber security is A4Gate,” said Pini Huber, Terafence vice president of sales. “Multiple penetration tests prove that this solution ensures the highest possible security level.

Innosphere Ventures has worked with Terafence and Pini Huber as an Innosphere client company over the past year. “We are excited to see them partner with such an important global business,” said Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO. “When it comes to solving cyber security issues, this is great news for the advanced manufacturing sector.

The partnership between IMA Group led by Applied S.r.l. and Terafence was recently announced at “Sensing Future Days,” an online event featuring advanced technology insights, revealing latest innovations, and showcasing a range of solutions for the packaging and processing industry. More than 30 live expert sessions took place during this event on innovation, sustainability, and digital solutions.

“Cyber security is very important in the advanced manufacturing sector,” says Huber. “We’re very excited to partner with IMA Group to provide them with cost-effective solutions for all their cyber security needs.” IMA Group manufactures equipment in 38 production plants, and has a worldwide sales network covering about 80 countries. They have 45 production plants in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, the USA, India, Malaysia, China, and Argentina.

Terafence is based in Israel and has developed a proprietary cyber security solution with an advanced microchip and firmware which isolates IoT and NoT (Network of IoT) devices while maintaining uninterrupted data flow and control. This type of solution for protecting IoT devices has become critical as more cyber threats are being launched through poorly protected IoT assets like edge-based IP cameras. “Companies who are adopting cyber security technologies understand that the data they’re transmitting from their machines to the cloud needs to be transmitted in the most secured way possible,” said Huber.

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Terafence is a team of professionals sharing a common goal – to make IoT and NoT safe and secure from malicious attacks. Their proprietary TFence™ firmware/microchip solution for cy ber-secure connectivity ensures total protection from tampering – enabling data outflow while completely blocking entry. Terafence has developed a unique ability to secure and completely control the direction of any data flow. The unique ability to secure and control the direction of data flow enables continued ongoing operation of the processes as intended, and dramatically increases the level of security. This capability is a cyber solution for operational networks and IoT areas (e.g. prevent hacking and cyber-attacks on IP cameras). The company currently focuses on smart cities, smart factories (Industry 4.0), utilities and critical infrastructures.
Established in 1961, IMA is world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee. IMA’s mission is to invest in technologies that will improve the quality of life on the planet,
reduce food waste, increase access to more effective drugs and allow greater respect for the environment.

IMA Digital is the Group's global project to create digital activities and innovative services for the manufacturing world, and this initiative involves numerous projects, activities and actions aimed at optimizing internal and external processes. IMA Digital is a project for “Process and Packaging 4.0” as we re-think flows and processes to win the digital challenge in the manufacturing world. Through partnerships and collaborations with private entities and universities, IMA supports the development of projects, ideas and innovative solutions.

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