New memoir reveals how a young Turkish immigrant attained a sliver of the American Dream

Dogan Uygur inspires readers with his success story in ‘The Original Young Turk’

LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Born in 1937 in the wake of the Turkish War of Independence, Dogan Uygur grew up in a virtually unknown agricultural town in southern Turkey. Although he was loved and supported by his community and family, Uygur yearned for more than the fields of Kilis and the backbreaking work of a poor subsistence farmer. He dreamed of escaping the dreary routines, lack of social mobility and violent run-ins with Syrian soldiers to live a life of his choosing. He shares his inspiring journey of fulfilling the American dream within the pages of “The Original Young Turk” (published by Archway Publishing).


This memoir shares a true immigrant story that proves that no matter what obstacles one face in life, success is possible through persistence, gumption and help from others. Here, Uygur imparts lessons about the importance of opportunity, diversity, community and a relentless work ethic, guiding others to attain their own versions of success by pursuing education, taking risks and seizing opportunities, overcoming failure, questioning deep-held assumptions, and maintaining a progressive, positive attitude. From the difficulties of a low-income subsistent farmer to the successes in engineering and real estate, the book provides readers inspiration through the author’s personal stories of triumph, determination and academic achievement in two countries. It also explores how America’s approach to immigrants has changed over the years.


“My life’s story is not remarkable and I’ve never exaggerated or embellished my experiences. I haven't written this book to make millions or simply for posterity's sake, but to help those people looking for a roadmap to success, while telling the story of a regular working man’s life over the past 80-plus years,” the author explains. “No matter where someone emigrates from, or immigrates to, we all deserve a chance to achieve success and freedom, the type that only comes through opportunities, like those I'm proud to say I received both in Turkey and in the U.S.”


“The Original Young Turk” highlights how hard work and determination are integral elements to personal and professional success.  The author hopes that the book will bring readers insight and enlightenment, along with a good dose of entertainment, which they can use to make their individual and collective lives better. For more details about the book, please visit


“The Original Young Turk”

By Dogan Uygur

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 246 pages | ISBN 9781480886582

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 246 pages | ISBN 9781480886605

E-Book | 246 pages | ISBN 9781480886599

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Dogan Uygur is an engineer, entrepreneur and writer. Born and raised in southern Turkey, he attended college in Istanbul before moving to the U.S. for graduate school in 1961. He has started and ran businesses both in Turkey and America, including Enternasyonal Makina Sanayi, a company that was at the forefront of Turkish machine manufacturing during the 1970s. After escaping political upheaval in Turkey in 1978, he returned to the U.S., where he worked in commercial real estate for nearly 30 years. Today, he lives in Freehold, New Jersey, with his wife, Nukhet.

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