New book on Cuba warns of growing threat to US as Castro regime colludes with Russia, China and Venezuela

Néstor T. Carbonell’s ‘Why Cuba Matters’ offers fresh details and historical context

NEW YORK, June 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a new book examining the 60-year Castro-Communist revolution — “Why Cuba Matters: New Threats in America’s Backyard” — author Néstor T. Carbonell relates how the Castro regime is helping Russia and China develop cyberwarfare capability in Cuba, and sheds new light on how Castro’s soldiers and spies support Venezuela’s repressive Maduro dictatorship.


In “Why Cuba Matters” (published by Archway Publishing), Cuban-born Carbonell, a witness to the onset of the Castro-Communist revolution and a longtime Cuban writer, provides perspective on the Castro regime, including how it “willfully deceived and subjugated” the Cuban people, defied 12 U.S. presidents, and “continues to endanger peace and security” in the Western hemisphere. The author has relied on declassified government documents and trustworthy unpublished reports and testimonies on significant episodes, such as U.S. attempts to normalize relations with the Castro brothers and their duplicity to obtain concessions without introducing meaningful democratic reforms.


The author also has drawn from a vast array of his own experiences. Among them: civic resistance and detention in Havana; military training for the Bay of Pigs in Guatemala; CIA intelligence sessions in Miami; Organization of American States (OAS) meetings in Washington D.C.; briefing members of Congress on the missile crisis and Castro-Communist subversion; and Cuba strategy discussions with statesmen, corporate leaders and policymakers.


In looking at present-day Cuba, the author describes how, despite the Castro regime’s stranglehold on the island, the dissident movement manages to keep the resistance alive. He also ponders prospects for a peaceful democratic opening in the post-Castro era. Finally, he explores how a free Cuba could rise from the rubble of Castro-Communism and surmount four critical challenges: political democratization, economic liberalization, cultural revitalization and moral regeneration.


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“Why Cuba Matters”

By Néstor T. Carbonell

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 576 pages | ISBN 9781480888845 | $34.99

E-Book | 576 pages | ISBN 9781480885875 | $6.99

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About the Author

Néstor T. Carbonell was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. He comes from a prominent Cuban family that left its imprint on the island’s wars of independence and on the foundation and development of the republic. Forced into exile in June 1960 after denouncing the Communist takeover of Cuba, Carbonell played an important role in the resistance and diplomatic fronts of the pro-democracy struggle. He joined PepsiCo in 1967 as counsel, Latin America, retiring in 2008 as corporate vice president in charge of international government relations and public affairs. Carbonell earned law degrees from the University of Villanueva in Havana and Harvard.  He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and of the Board of Overseers of the International Rescue Committee, and has served on academic and cultural boards of Georgetown University, Duke University and Florida International University. He is the author of “And the Russians Stayed: the Sovietization of Cuba,” and of five other books on Cuba in Spanish under the name of Néstor Carbonell-Cortina.

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