Cutting Edge medical advancements in technology - MoviWearMed is geared to protect the most vulnerable population during Covid-19

TORONTO, June 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jacob Moshinsky, founder of MoviWear has once again created buzz, this time in the medical industry. MoviWearMed is a new medical platform that allows 24/7 virtual patient monitoring.

MoviWearMed is the pioneer of the 5G NurtureWatch, a cloud-based virtual platform that monitors one’s vital signs, promptly alerting to changes in their overall health such as changes in heart rate, temperature and oxygen. This new innovative health monitoring platform monitors in real time as well as remotely from our HIPPA compliant platform. Users of this platform should feel safer in the event of a medical emergency.

MoviWear was created in 2017 to help prevent catastrophes like the one that affected the founder’s uncle who died alone at home from a heart attack and was found dead two days later. This death could have been prevented with the MoviWear’s NurtureWatch.

Helping your vulnerable loved ones stay safe during this Coronavirus pandemic is now a top priority. As remote doctor appointments have quickly become the new norm, Jacob Moshinsky’s Company is leading the way to a new medical future. This revolutionary technological advancement makes it possible to monitor patients’ vitals virtually with MoviWearMed health monitoring system.

Now costly cumbersome hospital supervisions can be greatly reduced. This product allows individuals to be semi – supervised in the comfort of their own homes or places of retirement, keeping patients safe and not draining their savings on caregivers. The advanced mode of technology brings the best virtual medical care available to your home, not only eliminating the risk of contracting Covid-19 but also providing doctors with crucial monitored data at the speed of the internet, while providing safety and social distancing.

Who can use MoviWearMed? Anyone can, but seniors are the ones that generally require a monitoring system. Many doctors, retirement homes, telemedicine platforms & PSW agencies are buying this life saving service.

If you would like to meet Jacob Moshinsky, he will be attending the “Collision Conference” on June 23-25, 2020. Forbes says this is the best technology conference on the planet because of its large networking opportunities. If you are interested and would like to learn more about this product, please contact:

Jacob Moshinsky

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