Huntress Labs Announces Security Platform to Accelerate Security Adoption for MSPs and VARs

Platform incorporates new Services and continuous feedback loop to increase adoption of cyber defense

Ellicott City, Maryland, UNITED STATES

ELLICOTT CITY, Md., June 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Huntress Labs, a SaaS provider of managed detection and response (MDR) for managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs), today announced the launch of the Huntress Security Platform. The platform expands detection, response, and recovery beyond attacker persistence by adding new Services that will provide additional visibility to the most pressing security challenges. As of today, two new Services will be added to the platform at no additional cost to partners:

  • Ransomware Canaries will enable faster detection during a ransomware incident by quickly identifying infected hosts and accelerating response time
  • External Recon will highlight low hanging exposures in the external attack surface such as open RDP ports

Based on the founders’ NSA experience in Cyber Operations, Huntress began by developing a proven, persistent threat detection service focused on eliminating established footholds in a company’s IT environment. Over the last five years, Huntress has studied both the techniques of attackers and the needs of the channel to identify how to best serve the community.

“The threat landscape today is dynamic and adversaries have the advantage of a very tight feedback loop–they are aggressively updating their tools, tactics and procedures to carry out malicious activities. Our threat platform must continuously evolve to stay ahead of attackers and address our partners’ demands,” said Kyle Hanslovan, Co-Founder and CEO of Huntress. “Persistence was largely overlooked so it was the right place for us to start, but Huntress was never a one-trick pony. Our vision since day one has always been about enabling junior IT talent to combat hackers. By continuously adding new Services to the Platform, we are empowering our partners to seamlessly adapt to these evolving threats while maintaining a financially consistent security business model.”

Huntress is committed to expanding threat protection to the small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) that make up 99% of America’s economy by empowering the MSPs and VARs that support them. By continuously adding new Services and delivering actionable outcomes that enable junior IT staff, the Platform aims to reduce the administrative and operational barriers that often slow down adoption of new security solutions.

“When our vendors introduce new tools, it highlights new threat areas we need to address. At the same time, adopting new tools almost always comes with a price tag. We are constantly facing pressure from being under resourced and budget constrained,” said Tom Lawrence, CEO of Lawrence Systems. “Huntress offering more security without increasing their price showcases they are committed to truly being our partner. Making security adoption easier will make a material difference in delivering defense to our customers and growing our business.”

The Security Platform will be available to new and existing partners beginning June 22. To learn more about today’s announcement, please visit the Huntress blog.

About Huntress Labs
Huntress Labs is a leading provider of managed detection and response (MDR) for managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs). Huntress entered into cybersecurity by pioneering a proven method for addressing malicious endpoint persistence. They have since grown to offering a complete security platform purpose-built to detect, respond, and recover from constantly evolving threats.

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