Fenix Marine Services Welcomes Jon Slangerup to Board of Directors

LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fenix Marine Services LTD, ("Fenix"), a leading Los Angeles based Marine Terminal Operator, announced today that Jon Slangerup has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Mr. Slangerup returns to a leadership role at the San Pedro Bay Ports and replaces Eric Elzvik who served on Fenix's Board since the acquisition by EQT in 2017.

Jon has over 35 years of executive leadership experience, including the past 25 years as a corporate Director, President and CEO of both public and private companies, ranging from the Executive Director of the Port of Long Beach to CEO of FedEx's billion-dollar Canadian Subsidiary.

"Fenix is excited to have Jon join our Board, bringing his expertise in supply chain logistics and clean energy technologies back to San Pedro Bay," said Sean Pierce, Chief Executive Officer of Fenix. "We would also like to thank Eric for his financial leadership and guidance during Fenix's critical transformation into one of the largest and most advanced terminals in Los Angeles."

Mr. Slangerup has focused his professional work experience on transforming companies into market leaders. During his career, he has built businesses throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, serving customers in more than 100 countries and managing more than a dozen corporate mergers and acquisitions.

"While at the Port of Long Beach, I had the opportunity to foster partnerships for sustainable development and cargo growth, which I look forward to continuing in support of Fenix," said Mr. Slangerup.

Mr. Elzvik, who sits on several public company boards such as LM Ericson and AB Volvo, led the Fenix audit committee and has recently taken on an expanded role for EQT chairing the Infrastructure portfolio performance review committee. "I would like to thank my colleagues on the Fenix Board of Directors and the Fenix team for their dedication and leadership, which together, with significant investments, has driven Fenix's improved operational performance and service levels."

Fenix Marine Service

Fenix operates one of the largest container terminals in the Port of Los Angeles, in a prime location adjacent to the deep-sea channel and the ship-turning basin. With advanced information systems, a skilled workforce, and a commitment to continuous innovation, we're on the leading edge of terminal performance today and tomorrow, at the heart of the busiest container port in the Western Hemisphere.

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