Delaware Grows Partnership with Appriss Health to Integrate Prescription Monitoring Program Into its Electronic Health Record System via PMP Gateway Solution

PMP Gateway Empowers Direct Access for All State-wide Prescribers and Dispensers to Delaware’s PMP Information in their Daily Workflow

Louisville, KY and Dover, DE, June 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LOUISVILLE, KY & DOVER, DE – June 22, 2020 – Appriss Health, provider of the most comprehensive platform for opioid stewardship and substance use disorder in the U.S., today announced with the state of Delaware and the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation that all prescribers and pharmacists can now integrate electronic health record (EHR) and pharmacy management systems with the state prescription monitoring program (PMP). The integration will be via the Appriss Health PMP Gateway solution.

PMP Gateway is the nation’s leading managed service platform enabling the integration of PMP information within real-time care team workflow to help providers make more informed clinical decisions at the point of care.

PMP information, analytics and more are now integrated into physician and pharmacist workflow through more than 130 EHR platforms and every national pharmacy chain as well as many of the independent pharmacies across more than 40 states via Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway solution. Twenty-five states have aligned with Appriss Health to sponsor state-wide adoption of PMP integrations for all of their prescribers and/or pharmacists. And, more than 773,000 prescribers and pharmacists at nearly 103,000 facilities in the U.S. access PMP reports with PMP Gateway.

The statewide integration of PMP data into EHRs at the point of care increases the ease of access and use of prescription information to help healthcare providers make critical clinical decisions, including the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances, as well as patient care and safety. Prior to this integration initiative, Delaware prescribers had to log in to separate systems to query patient information, which took important time away from patient care. Now, the EHR will automatically initiate a patient query, which will return the patient’s controlled substance prescription records directly within the clinical workflow inside the EHR.

Appriss Health has delivered PMP services for the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation since 2017. The system manages more than 16 million controlled substance prescriptions and currently has more than 7,800 users.

Delaware Prescription Monitoring Program Administrator Jason Slavoski, Pharm.D., said the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation is covering all fees associated with the integration service to connect providers’ EHR to PMP Gateway to ensure broad adoption and help providers meet state mandates and policies regarding the prescribing of controlled substances.

“Delaware currently has the second-highest drug overdose death rate in the United States, and the ongoing opioid crisis has created a colossal challenge for the state’s behavioral health treatment providers,” said Slavoski. “This statewide partnership with Appriss Health improves our PMP’s efficacy to help mitigate the opioid epidemic in our communities. Through PMP Gateway, all providers throughout the state will have easier access to new resources and PMP information within their clinical workflow. This integration helps to enhance timely clinical support decisions and improve patient care and safety for all Delaware residents.”

“Wide adoption of prescription monitoring information into clinical workflow can effectively identify, prevent, and manage potential problems with prescription drug addiction,” said Appriss Health President Rob Cohen. “We’re honored to partner with the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation to provide healthcare providers with enhanced tools for early intervention of substance use disorder and improved outcomes.”

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Appriss Health provides the nation's most comprehensive platform for opioid stewardship and the identification, prevention, management, and treatment of substance use and mental health disorders. We provide state government agencies with the most advanced repository of controlled substance dispensing information, facilitate rapid treatment referrals, and deliver real-time clinical decision support, critical insights, and interventions to physicians, pharmacists, social workers, and other care team members through millions of patient encounters each year. Our solutions enable healthcare providers to better assess and manage clinical risk to positively impact patient outcomes and safety all across the U.S. For more information, please visit and

About the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation

The mission of the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) is to ensure protection of the public’s health, safety, and welfare. Our services benefit the citizens of Delaware, professional licensees, license applicants, other state and national agencies, and private organizations.

DPR provides regulatory oversight for 34 boards/commissions comprised of Governor-appointed public and professional members. Oversight activities include administrative, investigative and fiscal support for 54 professions, trades and events with over 200 types of licenses and permits.

License fees fund DPR and the expenditures related to each licensing board.

The number of current active licenses exceeds 85,000. On average, DPR issues over 11,000 new licenses and renews over 30,000 licenses each year. In addition, DPR receives over 900 complaints and conducts over 600 investigations each year.




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