Enli Value Navigator® enables US healthcare providers to enroll nearly 40,000 COVID-19 patients

More than 11,000 patients in active management during the first week of summer 2020. Enli customer success achieved by adherence to Healthcare IT vendor best practices identified in new study from KLAS Research.

Beaverton, Oregon, UNITED STATES

BEAVERTON, Ore., June 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enli Health Intelligence announced that its customers have enrolled nearly 40,000 patients in less than 90-days using its Value Navigator® platform. Their ability to rapidly triage and manage COVID-19 patients is enabled by Enli’s adherence to critical best practices identified by KLAS Research in its new “Performance Insight Report: delivering customer success in a time of crisis.”

Based on interviews with 102 vendors representing the spectrum of healthcare information technology, three characteristics emerged as vital to the deployment of COVID-19 solutions:

  1. The time to launch must be reduced from pre-pandemic norms;
  2. All communications between the IT vendor and the healthcare delivery organization must have intrinsic value;
  3. The need for virtual delivery of technologies and training has increased.

Configurability was the linchpin of broad adoption and time to launch

According to the KLAS report, vendors that supported providers during the early stage of the pandemic offered their solutions at reduced costs, simplified the negotiation process, and provided resources where possible.

Enli’s COVID-19 journey began in early March 2020, when a regional hospital approached the company with an urgent appeal: help us respond to the abrupt influx of patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Within four days, the Enli team had reviewed CDC and WHO guidelines, configured the Central Worklist care coordination application, and deployed a Patient Monitoring program at the customer site for testing. By end of week, it was live at eight customer sites. Said one provider to KLAS during an April 2020 interview, “Enli saved our life, period. Enli’s ability to be proactive about COVID-19 was amazing”

The lines of communication were well-established before the pandemic hit

The KLAS study emphasized the importance of communications between account managers and a cross-section of frontline workers at customer sites: “Once the crisis hit, it was too late to establish solid relationships,” said the report authors.

The relationships Enli has across the customer organization were key to garnering attention and reducing potential resistance to change. As of this release, 19 Enli customers have 30 COVID-19 programs deployed in 17 states – the majority of which were live within the first 30 days of the pandemic. Today, more than 38,200 patients have been enrolled and 11,140 are under active management; the numbers are increasing daily.

Virtual implementation and training was a hallmark of customer satisfaction

KLAS found that vendors who already made the shift to virtual implementation were best positioned to assist customers. Further, given the myriad of demands on the IT team, the need for smaller, more frequent releases was deemed essential.

“Enli knows that most of their customers don't have a developer that can stringently look at everything,” one director told KLAS in a September 2019 interview. “They have a prudent and comprehensive approach to rolling out software … their implementations are far better than most IT companies.”

Beyond reducing the IT work, the program has a positive impact on patient outcomes. One patient commented “I actually have somebody who's calling me, asking me how I’m doing. My provider is caring about me because they're reaching out to me and they're checking on me. That makes me feel good as a patient.”

In addition to its COVID-19 Patient Monitoring program, Enli has also deployed workflows for Healthcare Personnel Exposure Tracking and a Return-to-Work program for employers and school systems.

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Enli is the market leader in population health IT. We develop software tools for value-based care analytics and care coordination. 

Enli has been name Best in KLAS for Population Health Management in 2017, 2018, and 2020.

We are the first population health management company to measure the financial impact of quality improvement in value-based care contracts, and to supply the analytics-driven care coordination tools necessary to exceed contract measures.

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