Formal De-escalation Training Helps Organizations Empower Employees

Albuquerque, UNITED STATES

Vicksburg, Miss., June 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ARA psychologists and security experts have developed formal, science-based, customizable De-escalation Training that can be tailored to an individual organization’s needs.

De-escalation is a method of using verbal and nonverbal actions to reduce a person’s agitation by communicating understanding and acknowledgement of the issue that is causing their aggravated state. Many agencies are taking a renewed look at de-escalation methods and identifying a critical need for training in this area.

“Effectively using the proven techniques taught in ARA’s training can help resolve emotionally charged situations before they get out of hand,” said Kenneth Herrle, an ARA senior engineer. “The techniques provided by ARA allow organizations to deliver realistic training that will inform and empower their personnel.”

ARA has previously developed De-Escalation Training for a large federal government agency that successfully implemented the training on a national scale for their frontline personnel handling disgruntled people in face-to-face settings.

To develop this unique training, ARA behavioral psychologists leveraged Cognitive Task Analysis to “get inside the heads” of frontline personnel to identify key factors that guide their decision-making processes and other critical elements of performance in potentially charged situations.

The training involves three modules that aim to first prevent escalation and then to respond to escalation in a way that can diffuse a confrontation. Those modules teach how to interview to avoid escalation, threat detection, and de-escalation strategies.

While the underlying tenets of the training are consistent from organization to organization, the details of the training are customized to the specific organization to address the issues and attitudes observed by the organization.

Once the customized training is developed, ARA offers “Train-the-Trainer” sessions that allow members of the organization to become the trainers. Training can also be developed into online learning modules.

“ARA’s De-Escalation Training is backed by science and features true-to-life scenarios that add value to the training in the eyes of the trainee,” Herrle said.

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