LogistiCare Partners with Atlantic City-Based Non-Profit Organization, Friends In Action Inc. to Deliver Food to City Residents Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

First Lady Tammy Murphy onsite to lend a hand, pack/prepare food for distribution

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

Atlantic City, N.J., June 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LogistiCare, the nation’s largest non-emergency medical transportation company and the contracted transportation vendor for New Jersey Medicaid participants, is partnering with an Atlantic City-based non-profit organization, Friends In Action Inc. to utilize the company’s temporary, excess capacity in order to deliver emergency food supplies to Atlantic City residents in need. With the approval and help of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, LogistiCare transportation providers have delivered more than 7,500 meals to residents in need throughout the state since mid-March.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Anthony Brower, president of Friends In Action Inc. and a few dozen volunteers have packed, prepared and distributed food to thousands of Atlantic City residents in cooperation with Community FoodBank of New Jersey. LogistiCare heard of the Brower’s work and reached out to him with an offer to help deliver food.  

“Thanks to LogistiCare we are now able to deliver more food supplies to residents, including many senior citizens, who face serious challenges in getting to our distribution center,” said Anthony Brower, President of Friends In Action Inc. “We are very grateful to LogistiCare and JAC Medi Transport LLC of Millville for stepping in to help us when we need it the most.”

“The partnership between LogistiCare, Friends In Action Inc., and the many other organizations in the Atlantic City area is a great example of creative teamwork and commitment to community during these unprecedented times,” said First Lady Tammy Murphy. “I’m grateful to be able to lend a hand to help ensure our residents in Atlantic City are able to access food.” 

The demand for food supplies in Atlantic City has been particularly high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Atlantic City is about 30% – twice the national average. Thousands of Atlantic City casino workers were laid off at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing directly to the high unemployment rate and the even greater need for food assistance. 

"At CFBNJ, we know that amazing things can happen when all sectors of society come together in support of our neighbors in need," said Carlos Rodriguez, President & CEO of the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. "Atlantic City has been particularly hard-hit by this crisis, so we're grateful for partners like Friends In Action Inc. and LogistiCare, who have stepped up to help when and where they're needed most." 

LogistiCare’s ongoing relationship with the State of New Jersey and its newer relationships with area non-profits, food banks, municipalities and government entities demonstrate the company’s ability and desire to make corporate adjustments to help meet the needs of the state’s most vulnerable residents.

“It didn’t take long to recognize there was a growing need in New Jersey,” said Kathryn Stalmack, SVP and General Counsel of LogistiCare. “People hardest hit by the pandemic were facing challenges in finding access to food supplies. Whole communities, like Atlantic City, were suffering. By expanding our services to include food deliveries, we have been able to fulfill even more of our mission, to provide essential care to those who need it the most.”  

“The process we have in place to apply for food delivery is quite simple,” said Jamie Moses, National Sales Director of LogistiCare. “Friends In Action Inc. provides us with a list of recipients for the delivery service and the food packages, and we, in turn, utilize our pre-existing resources to create routes, pick up food and complete the delivery. We are thrilled to be working with Anthony and his small, but mighty group of volunteers.”

About Providence Service Corporation and LogistiCare
LogistiCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Providence Service Corporation, is the nation’s largest manager of non-emergency medical transportation (“NEMT”) programs for state government agencies and managed care organizations. LogistiCare’s services include NEMT ride management, call center management, transportation provider network development and credentialing, and vendor administration.

LogistiCare is focused on providing access to convenient, cost-effective, safe and reliable transportation. LogistiCare delivers tech-enabled solutions that provide enhanced functionality, stronger network performance, streamlined workflow processes, and higher overall system efficiency. Annually LogistiCare manages over 63 million trips for more than 24 million eligible riders in 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more information about LogistiCare visiwww.logisticare.com.  

About Friends In Action Inc.
The Friends In Action Inc. mission is to improve our communities by offering members within them the ability to band together for positive public works. As our namesake implies, our dozens of regular Friends In Action Inc. volunteers and hundreds more in reserve all work together for the public good in order to make the world a better place one family at a time.

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Anthony Brower, President of Friends In Action Inc. (center) explains to New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy (third from left) and Kathryn Stalmack, SVP and General Counsel of LogistiCare (fourth from left) how LogistiCare is helping to deliver food and reach more residents in need in Atlantic City. From left to right: Norman Goldhecht, LogistiCare; Jamie Moses, LogistiCare; New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy; Kathryn Stalmack, LogistiCare; Giovanni Colalillo and John Colalillo, JAC Medi Transport LLC. Kathryn Stalmack, SVP and General Counsel of LogistiCare (center) and New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy (right) distribute food to Atlantic City residents.

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