New Collection of Short Stories Highlights Strong Relationship with God

Author Stoddard B. Williams details how sharing stories feeds the fires of faith in his book, ‘Showers of Spark: Memories of Encounters with the Love of God’

SIMBURY, Conn., June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In his first-hand account of how times have changed, author Stoddard B. Williams’ faith-based memoir, “Showers of Sparks: Memories of Encounters with Love of God”, highlights his life over the decades, navigating through a forest of memories when God has led the way. Throughout the book, he explores the experiences that have deepened his connection with God which contain fond memories with family and darker moments regarding war and death. His work represents how our shared humanity is affirmed through our ability to pass on stories. With the use of poetry and powerful prose, he connects with readers through his love of God and bridges the spaces that separate us. 

His meaningful tone and impactful illustration of his past inspires others to live a life filled with grace, hope, and love. Each story, described as a spark, finishes with reflections that readers can learn from and implement in their lives. He hopes that readers not only find deeper faith from his book but also come to understand the importance of all stories and their ability to connect family, community and humanity.

“By sharing my stories, I intended to inform, entertain, and declare the Glory of God in an otherwise ordinary life,” Williams says about the book. “I believe every life is remarkable when viewed through the lens of faith.”

His stories and their personal expressions about the power of relationships promote a loving bond with God and show how His engaging influence can light the way through moments of confusion and fear.

Providing inspiration and encouragement during a troubled time in our world, “Showers of Sparks” acknowledges that the memories we pass down not only highlight the past, but help the next generation grow their faith, develop faith in themselves and remind them that He is with us every step of the way.

“SHOWERS OF SPARKS: Memories of Encounters with the Love of God”

By Stoddard B. Williams

ISBN: 9781480886544 (softcover); 9781480886551 (electronic)

Available at the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore and Amazon

About the author

Stoddard B. Williams has lived over ninety years, witnessing the wondrous love and grace of God. Raised in Connecticut, his remarkable life serving in the United States Air Force and then as a pastor in his local community has given him experiences unlike most others that he shares through his debut memoir. He graduated from Boston University and Andover Newton Theological Seminary. He worked as a clergy person in Connecticut UCC Churches for over fifty years. He raised two daughters with his loving wife of over sixty years and continues to live in Connecticut.   

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