Elemica Wins Supply & Demand Chain Executive SDCE100 Award for Outstanding Client Project

7th Consecutive Win for Digital Transformation of Global Businesses

WAYNE, Pa., June 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elemica, the leading cloud-based Digital Supply Network for the global process industries, has won the SDCE100 Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine.

The 2020 SDCE 100 spotlights successful and innovative projects that deliver bottom-line value to small, medium, and large enterprises across the range of supply chain functions. Elemica won for its project to automate transport execution and visibility for a global manufacturer of mined materials and compounded chemicals.

“Elemica is pleased to be selected for the seventh consecutive year for the prestigious Supply & Demand Chain Executive SDCE100 Awards,” said David Cahn, Director Global Marketing at Elemica. “Many companies understand the benefits of automating their shipments with their Logistics Providers, but only see the business case for high volume Logistics Providers that leverage an EDI type connection. QuickLink Email Move allows a shipper to send an email to a Logistics Provider who does not have to connect to the Elemica network, saving time and money.”

Elemica’s client wanted to automate their logistics execution. Elemica was ultimately chosen because of its ability to connect electronically with both the client’s sophisticated logistics providers and their long tail of logistics providers. Elemica connected some logistics providers by EDI, and over 200 via QuickLink Email Move, enabling a fully digital experience. Elemica QuickLink Email Move integrates suppliers without requiring them to have integration software. The solution allows the company to digitize shipment responses quickly and cost efficiently from transportation providers for shipment booking and milestone visibility.

The company also deployed Elemica See, which monitors end-to-end supply chain shipments and enables management by exception. Elemica Trace uses shipment data, signals from carriers, a geo-location interface, ETA calculators, and predictive algorithms to identify shipments in trouble, helping to eliminate risk.

“Innovation is essential in driving the supply chain industry forward, and thanks to these valuable partnerships, companies of all sizes are able to achieve success in projects that matter,” says Marina Mayer, editor for Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “From business intelligence systems and supply and demand planning to inventory reduction and procurement solutions, the SDCE 100 offers proof-of-concept that with the right planning and execution, anything is possible.”

SDCE 100 projects can serve as a map for supply chain executives looking for new opportunities to drive improvement in their own operations. These projects also show how supply chain solution and service providers help their customers and clients achieve supply chain excellence and prepare their supply chains for success.

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Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network for global manufacturing industries. Elemica accelerates digital transformation by connecting, automating, anticipating, and then transforming inter-business supply chain processes for the products they buy, sell, move, and comply. Launched in 2000, customers process over $600B in commerce annually on the network. For more information, visit www.elemica.com.

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