People Magazine Cover Story Exposes Death of Two Americans in Shocking and Suspicious Circumstances in Anguilla

With radio hosts in Anguilla jailed after reporting on the failures of investigators and allegations of a cover-up, the family members of the deceased are demanding justice for the slain men and praising reporters for seeking the facts.

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Miami, Florida, July 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The family members of two American men who died in Anguilla under mysterious circumstances are heartened and grateful that their story is now the focus of an outstanding cover story by Jeff Truesdell in this week’s edition of People Magazine. The in-depth article examines how two healthy young men died suddenly on New Year’s Eve in 2018 on the resort island of Anguilla. 

Childhood friends Casey Scott MacPherson and Caleb Guillory were reuniting in Anguilla for a New Year’s celebration with their wives and friends. After leaving a shared rum-and-coke at the bar for a short time while they looked for a lost flip-flip, they returned for their drink and within just hours both MacPherson and Guillory were dead.

Four witnesses, including the men’s wives and another couple, were initially arrested and almost immediately set free with an apology by the Island Commissioner for the “tragic accident” before a full police investigation had even taken place. Since their release, the wives of the men have refused to return to the island or aid the investigation. 

“I am not going to stop my efforts to raise awareness about this tragedy until I achieve justice for my incredible brother Casey and his friend Caleb,” said Debanee MacPherson-Udall. “The crime committed is bad enough, but the apparent cover-up by their wives and Anguillan authorities has made this situation all the more painful for us. All we seek is justice, and for the true story to come out.”

In her quest to reveal the facts and ensure that justice is served, MacPherson-Udall has retained renowned private investigator TJ Ward, who is best known for the Natalie Holloway case. He suspects foul play in the deaths of Casey and Caleb, and believes the Anguillan government is trying to protect its tourism industry.

“We need these witnesses to return to Anguilla and share what they know,” Ward said. “There are too many missing holes and too many inconsistencies. It's time to find out what really happened to Casey and Caleb and it’s the least these two young men deserve.”

Since news of their mysterious deaths, two Anguillan journalists who publicly raised questions about the Police Commissioner’s mishandling of the case were arrested and jailed. 

The People Magazine cover story contains a range of explosive revelations, including:

-- After the bodies of MacPherson and Guillory were released from the coroner’s office, they were sent to separate funeral homes and then promptly cremated in St. Martin under the direction of Casey MacPherson’s wife with no known attempt to return the bodies to the U.S.

-- Anguillan authorities eventually stated that cause of death was due to a lethal overdose of party drug MDMA; however, first-responders and the initial autopsy report on Guillory showed multiple signs of blunt force trauma, asphyxia, and signs of strangulation.

-- Casey MacPherson’s autopsy report is missing six pages, which Anguilla has refused to explain or account for.

-- Just prior to their move to Anguilla, major changes to MacPherson’s life insurance policy were made, with his wife moving to collect just four days after his death and before the autopsy had even been conducted.

Debanee MacPherson-Udall has additional detailed information that she hopes will be made public in her quest for justice for her brother and his best friend. 

She and TJ Ward are immediately available for interviews, which can be arranged by contacting Kelcey Kintner of Red Banyan, which is representing the family and coordinating all media requests. Kintner may be reached at 646-391-8001, or by email at

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