Author Wayne P. Saya introduces ‘The Art of Understanding Your Building’s Personality’

Book discusses the anatomy of living environments, exposing how buildings and facilities operate and communicate

NASHUA, N.H., July 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wayne P. Saya marks his publishing debut with the release of “The Art of Understanding Your Building’s Personality” (published by Archway Publishing), a book that offers an original approach and understanding of commercial and residential facilities that will forever change one’s understanding and belief on how buildings operate.


In this study, the author reveals how the human body was used as the model for creating the buildings and high-rise structures that people live and work in today. He walks readers through scientific evidence that shows how buildings and structures can communicate with people. Combining a number of analogies, real life experiences and publically known associates and characters, he details how buildings and facilities operate and communicate.


“The book encapsulates the complexities of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering as an exercise on how buildings function and behave, how they operate, and how to understand their operation all in a delivery that makes the complicated sound simple,” Saya states. “There are additional exploits of mine illustrated throughout the book that reveal a variety of tricks-of-the-trade and certain never before known trade-secrets.”


With the goal of bringing readers closer into the world of living environments, the author introduces a novel approach — where buildings are designed and operate using the anatomy of the human body — to capture the reader’s interest on how today’s synthetically-created natural environments are built and how they actually work. As he takes the wrapper off some of America’s most prestigious companies and organizations to share a few of his insights and dealings with some of these recognizable structures, he ultimately convinces readers that buildings are people too.


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“The Art of Understanding Your Building’s Personality”

By Wayne P. Saya

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 316 pages | ISBN 9781480887312

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 316 pages | ISBN 9781480887329

E-Book | 316 pages | ISBN 9781480887336

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About the Author

An early pioneer and U.S. patent holder in electronic design engineering and a facilities engineering expert for over 40 years, Wayne P. Saya’s achievements were acknowledged by the 114th Congress of the United States. Traveling throughout America and overseas on various facilities engineering projects, Saya has been valued by presidents and CEOs of key commercial real estate and integrated facilities services companies as well as the U.S. government departments, both within the U.S. and overseas. Now a semi-retired executive vice president for the Sustap company, a multi-level management support company geared toward commercial and U.S. Government Facilities Services, Saya travels between Sustap offices on the east coast in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., and on the west coast in the San Francisco area. “The Art of Understanding Your Building’s Personality” is his first publication.


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