Author Shines Light on a Love Story Between God and Humanity in New Book

Author Jill Roberts shares a divine rescue mission between God and mankind in ‘How to Find God in Under Five Hours’

LOS ANGELES, July 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many individuals are seeking the answers to life’s most profound questions. In “How to Find God in Under Five Hours,” author Jill Roberts introduces a heavenly rescue mission with centuries of planning, spiritual and physical warfare, immeasurable courage and the highest stakes possible for the future of the human race. Roberts’ book is the Bible like no one has experienced it before, it illustrates a beautiful love story between God and humanity and an experience in which the reader is the one rescued. 

Roberts dedicated many decades studying the Bible which can be seen throughout her book. She decided to publish her debut book to help readers find God and to do so in under five hours. The focus of the book is to guide readers, who begin this journey with little or no knowledge about God, into a deep and personal understanding of Him and the answers to life’s questions. “How to Find God in Under Five Hours” will teach individuals about the historic battle between good and evil when the reader’s deliverance was on the line.

“My inspiration for writing this book was the influence of Biblical and theological study which convinced me that a person can find God in a matter of hours and once found, discover that God to be an exciting, loving, patient genius who was pursuing the reader all along,” said Roberts. “My book will have readers explore their souls and the impact of what they are reading has on that soul’s present as well as its future.”

The world is seeking spiritual answers to timeless questions. The desire to find God and to do this quickly is a very relevant topic in this day and age. Roberts’ book is the solution for this longing in the world and will truly help guide individuals who are feeling a part of them missing.

By the end of “How to Find God in Under Five Hours,” readers will enter a close and life-changing relationship with a God who has been pursuing them all their lives.

“How to Find God in Under Five Hours”
By Jill Roberts
ISBN: 9781973671725 (softcover); 9781973671718 (hardcover); 9781973671732 (eBook)
Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Jill Roberts has written “How to Find God in Under Five Hours,” to help seekers, who are curious about Jesus and Christianity, to grasp the big picture of what they are about and, after a five-hour read, to find God in the process. In addition to being an author, Roberts was a trial lawyer for many years in Southern California. She now dedicates her time to being with her family and to writing two additional books.

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“How to Find God in Under Five Hours”
By Jill Roberts

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