Ahead Debuts New Model For Mental Healthcare

Leading ADHD Practice Expands Services To Anxiety, Depression and Traditional Therapy

San Francisco, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ahead, the fast-growing tech-enabled mental healthcare platform, is redesigning mental healthcare from the ground up. The company has pioneered a hybrid model of care, bringing together telehealth, traditional care (in-person clinics), in-house practitioners, and streamlined prescription fulfillment and delivery under one roof for the first time.

Founded in spring 2019 with a focus on adult ADHD, Ahead has quickly honed its unique model, building a loyal patient base with 1,100 patient visits in the last month alone. A disorder saturated by stigma and barriers to care, ADHD patients can spend months searching for a traditional healthcare provider, while telehealth and other digital mental health startups are unable to treat the condition without a brick and mortar presence. In turn, adult ADHD is widely underserved, undiagnosed and untreated, with less than 11% of adults with ADHD actually receiving treatment.

“By unlocking this new hybrid model, we are delivering a more accessible, personalized, and stigma-free experience for patients,” said Andy Rink, MD, Ahead CEO and Co-founder.  “We set out to create a practice built on acceptance and understanding, factors often missing from the mental healthcare system.”

Ahead’s ADHD treatment is currently available in California, New York, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. To ensure the highest standards of care and facilitate strong, ongoing doctor-patient relationships, all providers work in-house as full-time Ahead employees. Ahead is also combating the often inaccessibly expensive price tag of care by offering its services at a fraction of the cost of traditional practices, which charge upwards of $500-$600 per hour.

Access to streamlined, affordable care has never been more important, with mental health issues a preeminent crisis stemming from COVID-19. To meet patient demand and address the rapidly-growing need for affordable care alternatives, Ahead is expanding to provide treatment for anxiety and depression as well as providing therapy. These services are available to patients in many states nationwide via telehealth appointments.

“We realize that the need for improved mental healthcare doesn’t stop at ADHD,” said Emile Barraza, Ahead CPO and Co-founder. “We’re driven by helping people access the care they deserve and plan to continue adding new technology-powered services based on learnings from our patients.”

To learn more about Ahead, visit helloahead.com.

About Ahead:
Ahead is redesigning mental healthcare. Founded in 2019, Ahead specializes in adult ADHD care, as well as anxiety, depression and therapy for a range of mental health conditions. The company’s first-of-its-kind hybrid model of care combines telehealth, traditional care (in-person clinics), in-house practitioners and streamlined prescription delivery to make the mental healthcare experience accessible, affordable and free of stigma. Ahead is available in California, New York, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. For more information, visit www.helloahead.com.

Emily Fox