Ashton Potter Launches eCommerce Website for its Customized Stamped Envelopes Offering

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y., July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ashton Potter, a leading high security printing and advanced SaaS  solutions company, announced the launch of Customized Stamped Envelopes, an offering that allows individuals and businesses to customize envelopes on a proprietary, user friendly interactive website. Customized Stamped Envelopes feature United States Postal Service postage stamp images printed directly on envelopes combined with the option to add logos, messaging, and text, resulting in more personalized and engaging mail pieces.

The launch of Ashton Potter’s new business venture of customized envelope printing acts as a natural extension of its 50-year legacy printing postage stamps for postal administrations around the world. Through its Customized Stamped Envelopes offering, the company can now leverage its advanced printing and finishing techniques in direct mailers, combining best-in-class security with engaging visuals to deliver added value to customers.

On the Customized Stamped Envelopes website, customers can place orders for a variety of envelope sizes and features, including windows and tinting. In addition, they can tap into greater branding opportunities by incorporating personalized design elements—ranging from company logos to images, messaging, and text—and printing in full color, multicolor, grayscale, and black and white.

“For years we’ve served the world’s postal administrations with a broad range of postage stamps, related products and services as well as providing the highest level of quality printing and finishing capabilities,” said Kelly M. Smith, Senior Vice President of Ashton Potter. “Today, we’re excited to extend this value to businesses and individuals by enabling them to tap into our proven printing capabilities to generate highly personalized envelopes tailored to their unique requirements and demands. Through the added benefit of stamped images printed directly on the envelope, we enable customers to deploy highly visual direct mailings, ultimately leading to higher open rates and greater response.”

Customers interested in placing an order for Ashton Potter’s Customized Stamped Envelopes can do so at

About Ashton Potter
For nearly a century, Ashton Potter has possessed a unique understanding of the complex product security challenges governments and businesses face, and a heightened commitment to solving them through high security printing and technology. Today, Ashton Potter delivers complete product security solutions that span the physical and digital worlds. By pairing advanced high security printing capabilities with ProLinc®, a premier SaaS-based solution that serializes, tracks, and authenticates products throughout the supply chain, Ashton Potter enables customers across sectors to achieve universal security, authenticity, and integrity on a global scale.

Kelly M. Smith, Senior Vice President,