Charleston-Based Women-Owned Tech Company, ExtraHourz, Offers Staffing Relief Amid COVID-19

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, UNITED STATES

CHARLESTON, S.C., July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ExtraHourz is a mobile application dedicated to helping businesses connect with Job Seekers to help meet various employment demands, from long-term positions to “gig workers” who are seeking flexible work hours in real time. Covid-19 has changed the economy drastically and has forced businesses to close and their employees to be out of work. As businesses slowly open up again, finding full-time or even part-time workers has been harder than ever.

Thankfully, in this ever-growing digital age, ExtraHourz exists to fill a void by giving a helping hand to businesses during these uncertain times. ExtraHourz is a platform, similar to all the best job boards found on Google, except it links hourly workers to businesses immediately, in real time. It also gives business owners the flexible option of hiring gig-workers or part/full-time employees. ExtraHourz makes the hiring process and job search flexible, easy, and convenient for both the business owners and workers alike.

“These are changing times in our society and today’s hourly workers deserve the opportunity to capitalize on these changes,” stated Kaylynn Kim, CEO and Founder of ExtraHourz. “My vision has been to create a digital platform where business owners can hire staff based on real-time staffing needs, such as increased event-based demand delivery days or extended and temporary staffing shortages. Simultaneously, Job Seekers can find immediate, flexible employment based on skill set and/or location without committing to a full or part time job.”

ExtraHourz exists to give both entry-level and common skilled workers the opportunity to find nearby jobs now, while at the same time, eliminating the inefficiencies that business owners experience when hiring and maintaining a successful business and workforce.

“Feedback from current businesses and Job Seekers is great in terms of user friendliness and the instant connectivity of the ExtraHourz App,” Kim said. “Businesses like the fact that they can post jobs daily and be able to dictate shifts that need to be filled in real time.”

Both the Job Seekers and the Job Providers can access the mobile app FREE-OF-CHARGE at either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Visit ExtraHourz’s website at

About ExtraHourz

ExtraHourz, Inc. was founded in August 2019 by Kaylynn Kim, a former Los Angeles based corporate attorney who relocated herself to South Carolina to take advantage of the entrepreneurial business spirit of the state, its business owners, and job candidates. The company is the realization of her vision to create a breakthrough digital employment business dedicated to today’s changing workplace and gig-focused employee. ExtraHourz has established its headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. For more information, visit

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