Asurint Deploys Background Screening Integration with Aqore’s Recruitment and Staffing Solution

Pre-employment background check services now available within Aqore’s Zenople software streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and enhance employee safety

Cleveland, Ohio, July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Asurint has announced its latest technology integration for the staffing industry. The company’s pre-employment background screening services are now seamlessly incorporated into Aqore’s cloud-based software, the popular Zenople applicant tracking, onboarding and management tool.

Aqore’s robust staffing and recruitment solution is a natural match for Asurint’s fast, comprehensive and streamlined background screenings. Both companies supply recruiters with customizable workflows, automation technology, and analytics, and customers will benefit from accessing the many features through a single pane of glass.  

“We’re excited to empower Aqore’s user base to more easily conduct background searches fully tailored to their clients’ needs and meet the increasing demand for pre-employment screenings as a safety measure,” said Gregg Gay, Chief Executive Officer of Asurint. “The collaboration will help drive greater efficiencies at a time when staffing professionals need to hire faster and smarter than ever before.”

Productivity suffers when recruiters must use separate systems for different hiring tasks, and the accompanying delays can mean missing out on top candidates. Asurint’s Aqore integration solves the problem by enabling users to select and order background checks, receive status notifications, review and act on results, and ensure compliance, all from the familiar Zenople interfaces they use every day.

“Through Asurint’s seamless integration into our software, carrying out background checks on job candidates is now just a click away, which is exciting news for Aqore as well as its clients,” stated Sandeep Acharya, Chief Executive Officer of Aqore.

Today’s technology release promises to augment Asurint’s market share for staffing industry background checks, which the company provides to five of the top 10 global staffing firms.

Those interested in learning more about Asurint’s integration with Aqore can email or call 216.420.5478.

About Asurint

Since 2006, Asurint has been redefining how background searches are conducted, solving problems and reducing anxiety for staffing firms and their candidates throughout the hiring process. Using innovative tools that aid in faster turnaround times, more accurate information, and seamless integrations, Asurint provides the only background screening solution optimized to deliver the truth on demand. Learn more about Asurint.

About Aqore

Aqore offers the industry’s most comprehensive staffing software “Zenople,” which enables staffing companies to seamlessly deploy customizable online onboarding and remote hiring tools that make the hiring process as easy as 1, 2, 3. The mobile-ready onboarding solutions make it convenient for applicants and new hires to onboard from anywhere, anytime. Zenople is the next-generation, workflow-based, fully integrated front- and back-office software solution for the staffing and recruiting industry. Learn more about Aqore.


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