National Organization for Victim Assistance and R3 Continuum Announce New Partnership

Enhancing crisis services with an innovative national Multi-Disciplinary Team approach for corporations and their employees


National Organization for Victim Assistance
510 King Street, Suite 424
Alexandria, VA  22314
Claire Ponder Selib, Executive Director

ALEXANDRIA, Va., July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) is pleased to announce its groundbreaking partnership with R3 Continuum (R3c) out of Bloomington, MN.  NOVA will work in collaboration with R3c to provide experienced National Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT) comprised of R3c and NOVA crisis responders. The MDT will provide customized, strategic solutions to offer immediate consultation and support to corporations and their employees impacted by natural disasters, mass casualty events, workplace violence incidents, and life altering events.  R3c and NOVA will deploy highly qualified MDT to assist in the aftermath of such incidents to mitigate the emotional impact on their employees. The MDT will provide pre and post incident assessments, response planning consultations, virtual and onsite crisis services, victim advocacy, training, and educational information.

The NOVA and R3c partnership enhances their abilities to advocate for survivors, navigate the disaster relief process, and assist in providing access to emergency support following life altering events.   In partnership with NOVA, the well-being, and practical needs of employees in the workplace can be supported through their diverse MDT. In conjunction, these teams will offer a comprehensive approach to employee support, following a workplace crisis. Access to MDT services will be available through direct partnership with organizations, corporations, as well as partnerships with employee assistance programs. Full MDT services will be launched this fall.

“Survivors of devastating events experience seemingly insurmountable obstacles while attempting to gain access to emergency resources” says Laurie Sigalos, Strategic Solutions Director at R3 Continuum, “Our partnership between R3c and NOVA will help foster resilience, mitigate secondary victimization as well as the impact and scope of post-incident recovery.”

NOVA has been deploying crisis response teams since 1986 when the first team was sent to Edmund, Oklahoma after a mass shooting in a local post office. Since that time and for nearly thirty-five years, NOVA-trained crisis responders have provided critical support to victims and community members in the aftermath of criminal incidents, natural and man-made disasters, and the most recent worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.  Claire Ponder Selib, NOVA’s Executive Director, commended Jim Mortensen, R3 Continuum President and Laurie Sigalos for their innovative and compassionate response to the needs of their corporate clients. “R3 Continuum is on the cutting edge of a growing phenomenon in the workplace today,” Selib said, “They are addressing the emotional trauma of their corporate clientele’s employees who experience workplace violence, man-made or natural disasters, and the current battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

NOVA’s long-term experience in responding to community-wide crises such as the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the Oklahoma City federal building bombing and the 9-11 terrorist attacks as well as natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, position the organization as an experienced partner with R3 Continuum to best serve their corporate clients who want to address their employees’ emotional wellbeing in the aftermath of a crisis event.  “NOVA is honored to partner with R3c in this innovative approach to what is sadly becoming more commonplace in the corporate world,” Selib added.   NOVA and R3c look forward to collaborating in this new arena together. Addressing the emotional trauma and/or crisis of corporate employees is innovative and crucial to taking care of people in uncharted, yet all too familiar territory these days.

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R3 Continuum (R3c) is a global leader in behavioral health and security solutions for workplace well-being. Annually, R3c responds to more than 18,000 catastrophic events in the workplace, with an average of 1,500 per month. Some notable events that R3 Continuum has provided immediate and ongoing support in the wake of are: 9-11,  the Las Vegas shooting; Hurricanes Katrina, Andrew, Harvey, Maria, Irma, Sandy and Florence; the Japan Tohoku earthquake and tsunami; the Boston Marathon bombing; the California wildfires and many other disruptions in the workplace (e.g., mass layoffs, rioting, death of an employee, catastrophic injury, etc.). R3c has the ability to provide support at all levels of an organization, simultaneously and at scale to promote workplace well-being and performance in the face of an ever-changing and often unpredictable world. Learn more at

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