Leading Biomedical Association and Brain Mapping Foundation to use Thermal Imaging for their 2021 World Congress in Los Angeles

We are truly honored to provide sophisticated technology and software to the SBMT and the BMF so the attendees could be screened from 40 feet away discreetly.

KNOXVILLE, TN –, July 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KNOXVILLE, TN – Inspectra Thermal Solutions, Inc., (ITS) a leading thermal imaging company, announced today it has signed an agreement with the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) and the Brain Mapping Foundation (BMF) to provide their state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras for the 17th and 18th Annual World Brain, Spine and Mental Disorder Convention at the LA Convention Center on March 5-7th, 2021 as well as the “Gathering for the Cure Gala” of Brain Mapping Foundation at the Ritz Carlton/JW Marriott in Downtown LA on March 6th, 2021. 

“We are truly honored to provide sophisticated technology and software to the SBMT and the BMF so the attendees could be screened from 40 feet away discreetly before they enter the convention and the gala hall avoiding an intrusive one-by-one temperature check, which could cause long lines and contribute to the spread of viruses”, said Randal Buckner, Chairman, and CEO of ITS.

The ITS- Medicas is a device superior to the other options in the market; with a high-resolution Thermal lens (640 x 512 pixel), it is capable of providing an accurate temperature reading, being able to identify variances of 0.5 °F. Innovative exterior design and user-friendly, state-of-the-art software, for an easy plug-and-play experience. ITS is also putting lots of research and development efforts to not only use this for the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 at the hotels, restaurants, conventions, and events; but also, its other medical applications for cancer detection. 

“In 2004 we used NASA’s thermal imaging for brain tumor detection and then published the data in Neuroimage. I believe the high-temperature sensitivity of the ITS system could be used for mass temperature screening for safe entry into venues, galas, and conventions such as the SBMT convention and the BMF gala next year”, said Dr. Babak Kateb, Chairman of the Board of Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics and President of Brain Mapping Foundation.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused uncertainty and chaos in the entertainment, hospitality, airlines, healthcare, cruise, and retail industries, and it is costing Americans the loss of security, income, and jobs.  “The Medicas and ITS systems are amongst the best in the field, reasonably priced, and comes with significant customer service and marketing packages to not only promote safe operation for events and venues but also help educate the public about their own health and safety by providing a real-time temperature check before entering the venue”.  Said, Mr. Buckner. 

Inspectra Thermal Solutions, Inc. is one of the most advanced experts in thermal imaging. They believe in making the world a safer, cleaner, more efficient, and healthier place for everyone and do this by visualizing energy. 

To learn more about ITS, please visit: www.inspectrathermal.com

To learn more about SBMT, please visit: www.worldbrainmapping.org

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