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New York, NY, July 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glacier Portable AC Reviews Update: There Is Now an Updated Report Published by FitLivings Regarding the Latest Glacier Air Conditioner.

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Laura Kelly of FitLivings states, “Glacier Portable AC is the newest model of portable ACs in the market and has already given the other portable AC units a run for their money. It works on the evaporation technology and cools the surrounding air within minutes of operation. It is one of the best things to come out of the summer season and is here to stay.”

Everyone loves summer; the vacations, beaches, and camping by the rivers. It is undoubtedly that time of the year when everyone is genuinely happy and trying to enjoy life to its fullest. But the summer as good as it can get is very unforgiving on most days. The hot weather is not easily bearable for everyone, and that is where the need for portable ACs comes in.

The air conditioners are one of the greatest inventions of science and technology. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. For most people, it is already a luxury to have a single traditional AC installed in their homes. Running it 24/7 during the hot summer days is only a dream for them. At most, they can afford to run it only for a few hours every day. 

Taking into consideration all the needs and problems of people, Glacier Portable AC is not only pocket friendly but also solves the problem of the hot weather. The only way to make the most of the summer days, without restricting yourself indoors, and without going way over your budget with electricity bills, is to make a smart purchase decision and get the Glacier Portable AC

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According to Laura, “Glacier Portable AC is a carefully built AC unit that cools the surrounding within minutes using the phenomena of evaporation. The small unit requires very little power to function properly and can also act as a personal companion.”

“Unlike traditional AC units, Glacier AC unit doesn’t require any installation and therefore can be used wherever you want. It is easy to carry, can be set up within minutes and ideal for getting a cool breeze on your outdoor adventures.”

FitLivings Reports on the Features of Glacier Portable AC

Ms. Laura says, “Glacier air conditioner is a power-pack of features and convenience. While it offers great flexibility in terms of its size, it doesn’t lag by any means in its features. It is a great choice for people looking to enjoy a cool breeze in the summer while staying on budget.”

“This air cooler comes with multiple features that make it suitable for all types of hot weather conditions. Whether it is dry, or humid, hot, or warm or average temperature, this unit has the right setting for all conditions. Here are some of the major features which make the decision of getting this portable AC a no brainer.”

Glacier Portable AC comes with rechargeable batteries which can run all day long. This makes it ideal for taking on a camping trip, using it for a bbq, or running it in a car with a broken down AC. You can also set it up on your office desk to get that extra whiff of cool air as you work.

The rechargeable batteries are a great addition and allow it to operate without being plugged into an electric source. They also reduce the electricity consumption of the unit significantly, making it pocket friendly in the true sense of the phrase.

More Information on Glacier Portable AC Can Be Found On The Official Website Here

FitLivings Reports on Glacier Portable AC Settings

According to Laura, “Glacier portable air conditioner comes with variable temperature settings. These settings can be adjusted to get the temperature you want and fit your requirements depending on the weather. This feature allows you to get exactly the right amount of cooling you’re looking for and makes sure that you’re not dripping with sweat while the AC is on, and neither are you feeling extra chilled.”

“You can set the perfect temperature that suits your body type and surrounding environment without a hassle. You can also adjust the settings for this unit and use it for different purposes. Although Glacier AC is primarily designed to work as an air conditioner, it can also be adjusted to work on air humidifying and air filtering modes.”

On-air filtering mode, Glacier personal air cooler helps to clean the air from toxicants and other pollutants and gives out clean, fresh and cool air which is safe for your consumption. This is a great feature for people who are sensitive to dust particles and people with allergies as it helps them get the cool air, without triggering any sensitivities. 

On the air humidifying mode, it breaks down the moisture in the air and is useful for people with dry skin or living in areas where the weather is very dry. It helps to absorb the moisture from the air into your skin and gives it a natural glow.  

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Consumer Reports on Glacier Portable AC 

Traditional ACs are a huge hassle from the moment you make a purchase. They need to be professionally installed, which is an additional cost. Then they also need to be professionally cleaned and maintained once every year at least. On top of already being super heavy on electricity consumption.

Glacier Portable AC unit saves you all this hassle by the divinity of its design. Firstly, it is a quick setup design and requires no installation what so ever. It also functions to its full capacity for a full day after a single charge. The wireless design makes it truly dynamic in nature and extremely user friendly.

The best thing about this air cooler is that it is completely noise-free when working, even on the highest speed. This is a basic need that most people are unaware of. When you think about a traditional AC running in a room, it is almost inevitable to think about that fan shifting crackle and the loud machinery sound that accompanies it.

People have gotten so used to it that they just don’t consider it a problem anymore and decided to live with it. But when you have an option to enjoy the same cooling atmosphere without that noise, why wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? 

Glacier air conditioner unit is designed to be your companion for all types of activities and is therefore extremely flexible in its use and affordable in its cost. It costs only one-third of your monthly electricity bill during the summer with a traditional AC running all the time. 

It also works on batteries for long hours without any degradation in the performance. This makes electricity consumption very low and puts this unit in the category of low-power devices. 

Pricing and Availability of Glacier Portable AC

In order to protect the consumers from being scammed into buying a lesser quality unit from a false advertisement, the only place to purchase Glacier AC is from the official website - This ensures that no third party vendors are able to make claims of having this unit, and rob you of your hard-earned money. 

However, keeping the idea of affordability that this unit offers in mind, the product ships completely free, wherever you are in the world. This is to make sure that the additional shipping costs don’t keep you from making the best personal investment you can make this summer.

Glacier Portable AC unit comes in different deals which give you even more flexibility of choice and make this a great option. Here are some of the current deals that are available on the official website:

One portable AC unit for $89.99
Two units for $158.48
Three units for $213.48
Four units for $259.80

Caution Must Be Used When Buying Glacier Portable AC Online

Ms. Laura also added, “For consumer protection, only buy Glacier AC from the official website of the manufacturer. This device is not available on Amazon, or at local stores.”

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In conclusion of her Glacier Portable AC reviews report, Laura states, “This portable AC unit is an affordable option for all the people looking to enjoy the summer without having to bear with the extreme heat waves and huge electricity bills. This is a great way for people looking to go on a summer escape or an outdoor adventure during extreme weather conditions.”

“It is best suited for individual use and makes an ideal companion for travelers, trekkers, campers, and digital nomads. If you’re looking to buy for a family, it’s best to look at the deals being offered and get more units to better fit the needs of your family.”

Glacier air conditioner unit is easy to install, requires minimum maintenance, and can be set up anywhere you want within minutes. It can operate completely wireless and comes with rechargeable batteries included in the packaging. 

The multipurpose functionality and varying temperature speeds are a unique features that are rare to find in the given price range in other portable ACs available in the market. This makes Glacier Portable AC a great choice for all types of people and is a recommended affordable AC unit. To place your order, head to the official website.

The is The Official Glacier Portable AC Website Link

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