ARA’s Pavement Marking Services Improve Roadway Visibility and Safety

Albuquerque, UNITED STATES

Florida, July 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ARA proudly supports the Florida Department of Transportation in helping to keep drivers safe. ARA’s comprehensive testing capabilities and engineering services provide a solution for assessing the condition and performance of pavement markings. Through a contract with the Florida DOT, ARA assesses about 25,000 miles of roadway striping across the state per year.

Pavement markings communicate information to drivers like no other traffic control device, providing continuous information related to the roadway alignment, vehicle positioning, and other important driving-related tasks. The importance of pavement markings is even more paramount at night when they are often the only cue for pavement edge or lane location.

In addition to meeting driver needs, good quality markings are also required today for Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as lane departure warning, to function correctly. To ensure sufficient discernibility for both human drivers and machine vision technology, the level of visibility provided by pavement markings needs to be monitored accurately and maintained appropriately.

As part of its suite of pavement marking services, ARA’s transportation professionals have performed over 100,000 miles of retroreflectivty testing. Retroerflectivity is a measurement of the amount of light from a vehicle’s headlights that reflects off of a pavement marking and back to the driver’s eyes, indicating how visible the marking is.

Having an accurate and accessible pavement marking inventory can improve understanding of existing markings and promote a proactive maintenance plan. ARA gathers extensive data tailored to best suit the customer’s needs.

ARA also offers consulting services and has conducted performance evaluations on every pavement marking material type to provide valuable guidance to transportation agencies on the optimum pavement marking system for their environment.

ARA’s professionals are nationally recognized experts in lane demarcation and have over 15 years of experience in providing pavement marking services. Other customers ARA has served include: the Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Arizona, and West Virginia state DOTs; the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority; and the cities of Chicago and Washington D.C.

“The results achieved through our pavement marking services not only increase roadway safety for drivers, but also allow for better fiscal preparedness by the cities and states that oversee these roadways,” said Carmine Dwyer, an ARA senior civil engineer. “ARA leverages an experienced team of engineers and technicians along with state-of-the-art equipment to best serve our customers’ needs and improve system-wide pavement marking performance.”

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