Spectrum Business Ventures CEO Amit Raizada announces SBV Will Continue to Comply with All COVID-19 Restrictions

SBV CEO Amit Raizada's Announcement on current restrictions


Miami, Florida, July 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As COVID-19 cases once again begin to surge across the country, Spectrum Business Ventures CEO Amit Raizada urged companies on Monday to continue to abide by all public health guidelines, including requiring patrons to observe social distancing and wear masks.

“At Spectrum Business Ventures, we use investment as a tool to improve people’s lives, seeking out innovative ventures that both return a profit and provide critical innovations to those who need them,” said Amit Raizada. “During this unique moment in our nation’s history, the easiest way for business to improve peoples’ lives is to require masks and social distancing.”

Raizada’s announcement comes as many states have begun to observe a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. SBV’s home state of Florida saw a precipitous increase in COVID-19 cases over the last 14 days. In California, where cases are also on the rise, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the closure of bars and beaches in Los Angeles, reimposing restrictions that were lifted just weeks ago.

As many businesses struggle under the weight of decreased demand and changing consumer habits, Raizada affirmed that the best way to initiate an economic recovery is to ensure that business can safely remain open. In this moment, Raizada said that such a goal will require adherence to all public health guidelines.

“Right now, it is critical that businesses take steps to slow the spread of the virus,” Raizada said. “Following public health guidelines lowers infection rates, keeps people safe and allows our businesses to stay open. SBV will continue to comply with all state and local mandates.”


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