Mach7 Technologies Announces Completed Acquisition of Client Outlook

Establishing a New Era in Enterprise Imaging Innovation and Independence

BURLINGTON, Vt., July 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mach7 Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of data management and enterprise imaging solutions for healthcare providers, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Client Outlook Inc., an Ontario-based company focused on the development of eUnity, a cutting edge, zero-footprint viewing and integration platform distinguished as healthcare’s first Smartviewer. Mach7 previously announced its intent to acquire Client Outlook in June 2020.

With the addition of eUnity, Mach7’s suite of solutions now includes a vendor neutral archive (VNA), universal worklist, workflow engine and industry-leading diagnostic and enterprise viewer. The combined solution provides a single integrated end-to-end platform for the entire healthcare enterprise with the power to implement any of the platform components individually. This level of technology independence offers unprecedented flexibility to meet the needs of any healthcare organization, regardless of size, complexity or existing installed IT systems.

Mach7 intends to further tighten this integration and enhance the capabilities of the new enterprise imaging solution so it will help customers adapt more quickly to the challenging and rapidly changing healthcare environment. This includes the ability to deploy Mach7’s enterprise imaging platform in its independent components or as a complete end-to-end PACS solution. In addition to technology independence, Mach7 offers its clients robust purchasing options to create a superior ownership experience that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Mike Lampron, CEO of Mach7 Technologies, said, “The acquisition of Client Outlook is a transformational event for Mach7. eUnity is a highly complementary technology to Mach7’s own enterprise imaging platform and we are excited to unite our teams to advance the development of our solutions. Mach7 will leverage our organization’s strengths to enhance the value we bring to our customers in driving clinical excellence and improving patient outcomes.”

About Mach7 Technologies:

Mach7 Technologies develops innovative data management solutions that create a clear and complete view of the patient to inform diagnosis, reduce care delivery delays and costs, and improve patient outcomes. Mach7’s award-winning enterprise imaging platform provides a vendor neutral foundation for unstructured data consolidation and communication to power interoperability and enables healthcare enterprises to build their best-of-breed clinical ecosystems. Mach7’s sophisticated workflow tools, advanced clinical viewing and optimized vendor neutral archiving solutions unlock silos of legacy systems, empowering healthcare providers to own, access and share patient data without boundaries. Visit

About Client Outlook:

Client Outlook Inc. is a healthcare technology company focused exclusively on empowering the image viewing evolution from hospital department to healthcare enterprise through an innovative software platform called eUnity. Uniquely designed as a zero-footprint viewing solution but purpose-built as an integration platform, eUnity gives all patient care stakeholders equal access to images for clinical viewing and diagnostic radiology interpretation. This powerful foundation cultivates a boundary-less enterprise that is prepared for future growth. Visit for more information.

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Bob Tranchida, VP of Marketing