GreenScreens Adapts Retail Experience To Meet Pandemic Demand, Restrictions

Recently launched Service Q reimagines retail by creating a safer environment while maximizing dispensary sales capacity

DENVER, July 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marijuana dispensaries have always faced retail challenges, but when the coronavirus pandemic created a surge of buying in mid March, many retailers struggled to manage demand. Now facing social distancing restrictions, some shops have sought curbside pickup and emphasize online ordering -- all while wondering how to manage inventory in a rapidly changing environment that has seen sustained sales increases of 25-30 percent in some states since the pandemic began.

“Today, the challenges of running a dispensary are all over the map,” said Shawn Cutter, CEO of GreenScreens, the leading in-store digital point-of-sale platform for cannabis retailers. “There is limited space, products are varied and many consumers have questions, making great customer service difficult. But now with concerns about coronavirus and the economy, it’s more important than ever to help guide customer decisions and fulfill orders more efficiently.”

Founded in 2016 with a mission to transform the retail experience, GreenScreens recently launched “Service Q,” an integrated, screen-based point-of-sale platform that goes beyond providing product menus and advertising by enabling real-time order fulfillment through backend screens as consumers place orders via touchpads on the sales floor. Meanwhile, customers are engaged immediately in the store’s lobby through a screen-based queue as they wait to enter the store.

“This is the type of solution we’ve needed since day one, but it’s especially critical with today’s retail conditions,” said Chris Davis, General Manager of Xclusive Cannabis. “When I first heard about Service Q, I felt immediate relief that there was a system available addressing all of the challenges we’ve been facing.”

Now in use at Xclusive’s two Denver-area locations (with a third location coming soon), Service Q’s connected system of screens not only provides customers with vital information, but also enables contactless ordering and order fulfillment. As a result, the platform creates a safer retail environment while maximizing a store’s sales capacity.

“At a moment of great uncertainty, these benefits cannot be overstated,” Davis said. “There have been times when we’ve been short staffed and overrun with customers, and Service Q has quite literally saved us and been a tremendous help to customers. I can’t imagine ever returning to the way we used to conduct business.”

With more than 200 customers across 13 states, GreenScreens is in the process of rolling out the Service Q platform across the nation, providing customizable options to help meet different dispensary needs from region to region.

“We were finalizing the development of Service Q as the pandemic hit, recognizing all along the need for dispensaries to improve the retail experience. But we quickly realized in March how critical this need has become in the age of Covid-19,” Cutter said. “Very often, great challenges present even greater opportunities, and we’re excited to provide this relief to retailers.”

About GreenScreens
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