New from Grokker: Basic Training with Personal Trainer Keith Lazarus

Video Wellbeing Solution Launches Three-Week Training Program Featuring Strength-Conditioning Workouts for Mobility and Stability

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On-demand video wellbeing solution Grokker today introduced its latest offering, Basic Training with Keith Lazarus. The three-week program, designed for anyone looking for holistic, low-impact training, including those over the age of 50, focuses on strength and conditioning.

Grokker Head of Operations Drew Marich shared, “Many people struggle to find the right fitness plan for where they are in life, whether that’s due to their age or just not taking the time to work out. Basic Training makes it possible for everyone to get moving and feel stronger.” 

Led by London-based personal trainer Keith Lazarus, Basic Training from Grokker includes three workouts per week, each offering a specific benefit: Balanced Strength, Metabolic and Proprioception. The first, Balanced Strength, emphasizes building strength while practicing balance, which people lose as they age, while the second, Metabolic Training, gets the heart rate pumping through low-impact moves with low weight and more reps. The third, Proprioception, concentrates on mastering mobility and stability in key-injury prone areas of the body.

“This program is geared toward helping people — particularly those 50 and beyond when wear and tear injuries can take their toll — build sustainable, whole-body fitness and health. By practicing balance, mobility and flexibility, along with strength building, we can greatly improve our quality of life,” said Lazarus. “I’m happy to join Grokker’s Expert community and have the opportunity to engage with users of all ages and fitness levels. Answering people’s questions and providing guidance over Grokker’s platform is the perfect complement to what I’m teaching in the Basic Training program videos.”

Taking a back to basics approach, Lazarus uses functional exercises to start or restart their fitness journey. Each week of the program, the workouts level up, helping participants loosen up their muscles, develop flexibility and increase their stamina. Over 50 himself, Lazarus understands how bodies change with age, and designed the program with a whole-body approach to health.

Marich added, “Grokker takes a holistic approach to health, and Basic Training with Keith Lazarus is a welcome addition to our library of more than 4000 wellbeing videos. This is a great program for anyone who wants to stay in shape and feel limber and more energized from a fitness perspective.”

Grokker Basic Training with Keith Lazarus begins Monday, July 27, 2020. For more information, visit

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