Symphony, a SYKES company Joins Forces With Jacada as Newest Global Consulting Partner

Intelligent Automation meets Business Process Optimization (BPO) as a powerhouse duo unites in global customer service automation deployment

ATLANTA, July 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jacada, Inc., a pioneer of intelligent customer service automation, has announced its newest strategic partner, Symphony, a SYKES company, a global consulting and managed services firm that specializes in designing and deploying IA solutions that help clients rapidly realize the full potential of digitized operations.  They will be reselling and deploying Jacada’s full suite of contact center automation solutions worldwide.

With Symphony, Jacada will support their clients’ RPA and IA initiatives with a trusted global leader in designing, implementing, and managing intelligent customer experiences. Together, Symphony and Jacada will leverage their mutual commitment to enabling customer service excellence through strategic and seamless end-to-end automation to provide their joint customers with robust and sustainable solutions to their most pressing business challenges.

With this newest partnership, Jacada is uniquely positioned to provide intelligent automation to Symphony clients with more targeted and meaningful interactions. This, in turn, will increase brand loyalty for customers, drive revenue growth for their clients, and improve the employee experience for contact center agents.

“We are so pleased to formalize our partnership with Jacada,” said Richard Mitchell, Chief Technology Officer at Symphony. “Together, we’re strengthening our ability to deliver end-to-end automation that turns information into action and delivers richer, more meaningful experiences between agents and customers. We’re thrilled to add the Jacada suite of technologies to our toolkit and are confident this partnership will deliver significant value to our clients.”

As independent consultants, Symphony’s role is to guide an enterprise toward digital transformation through automation, AI, and crowd and impact sourcing. With extensive experience in Process Consulting and Outsourcing, its team will develop a robust business case that large organizations can profit from quickly.

Its unique SAVO (Simplify, Automate, Virtualize, Orchestrate) Methodology enables them to transform complex challenges into pragmatic and measurable outcomes aligned completely with their clients’ strategic drivers.

“Jacada continues to differentiate with an outcomes-based approach to automating customer interactions, and the global partnership with Symphony will be instrumental in delivering on that promise”, explains Adi Toppol, Chief Operating Officer at Jacada.  “Clients need to closely evaluate the value promised vs value created by automation within their customer operations, even as automation is promptly prescribed in the recipe for resilience during and after the pandemic. We believe that Symphony and Jacada are well poised to serve clients on this front as we join forces”.

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About Jacada

Jacada is a global leader in customer service automation delivering intelligent self-service and workforce engagement management solutions for enterprise clients. Using a #CollaborationFirst approach to automation, Jacada’s contact center solutions bring together rich UX design, real-time guidance, and intelligent automation capabilities powered by customer service RPA. With our low-code automation and AI hub, we create a collaborative experience between customers, employees, and robots.

About Symphony

Symphony, a SYKES company, is a global pure-play and best-of-breed provider of RPA and IA services. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in London, UK, Symphony is a premier provider to blue-chip clients, offering consulting, implementation, hosting, and managed services. Approximately 300 people strong, Symphony has one of the largest independent global teams of Intelligent Automation experts. With a proven track record of success in automating thousands of front, middle and back-office processes at marquee brands, Symphony serves numerous industries globally, including financial services, healthcare, business services, manufacturing, consumer products, communications, media, and entertainment. Symphony holds partnerships with leading RPA software vendors, including Jacada, and has grown four-fold since 2016.