Trustifi Included in Latest Forrester Now Tech: Enterprise Email Security Providers

Las Vegas, Nevada, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, July 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trustifi, a pioneer in software that safeguards organizations from email-borne cybercrimes, was included in Forrester’s just-released Now Tech: Enterprise Email Security Providers research report.

“Trustifi was pleased to be interviewed as part of the research done by report authors Joseph Blankenship and Claire O’Malley,” said Idan Udi Edry, CEO of Trustifi. “We have considerable real-world expertise in protecting against the constantly evolving cyber security threat in high-stakes environments.”

The report covers the risks that unsecured email systems pose to organizations. Email is vital to external and internal communications—especially when more people are working remotely. The report provides insights into the value that various enterprise email security providers can provide, giving guidance for selecting options based on size and functionality.

The report authors note how the integration of cloud-based email infrastructure is changing the security landscape. Providers like Trustifi offer cloud-native API-enabled email security (CAPES) that  integrates with email infrastructure providers to extend their native security capabilities.

“We are pleased to be included in the Forrester report, which we see as recognition of the contribution our innovations are making to the cyber security field in email protection,” concluded Trustifi’s Mr. Edry.

Forrester clients can access and others can purchase the Now Tech: Enterprise Email Security Providers Report on their website.  Organizations looking to evaluate the Trustifi Email Security Platform can learn more at:

About Trustifi
Trustifi is a cyber security firm featuring solutions delivered on software as a service platform. Trustifi leads the market with the easiest to use and deploy email security products providing both inbound and outbound email security from a single vendor.  The most valuable asset to any organization, other than its employees, is the data contained in their email, and Trustifi’s key objective is keeping client’s data, reputation, and brand safe from all threats related to email. With Trustifi’s Inbound Shield, Data Loss Prevention, and Email Encryption, clients are always one step ahead of attackers. The Trustifi solution was created by Israeli military intelligence engineers and programmers as a hassle-free method to send and receive electronic communications with absolute confidentiality, protection, security, and legal compliance. Trustifi adheres to GDPR, HIPPA, and Pii regulations.

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