IP Technology Labs Awarded Patent for Connectionless IoT  Telemetry enabling Device Management and Security

The invention provides methods to send information to a central server over the Internet without the need for special setups, clients, or VPN connections while enabling communications from devices behind firewalls/NATs without configuration.

Baltimore, Maryland, UNITED STATES

BALTIMORE, July 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IP Technology Labs®, the American manufacturer of secure endpoint IoT connectivity and reliable remote access solutions, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent # 10,659,430 covering communications techniques for transmitting data without a pre-defined communication path and over any standard Internet access. The innovative technology allows applications and devices to communicate to a central server without requiring an established path, peer-to-peer proxy, or manual router configurations.

“When technology makes endpoint communications easy and simple, the market benefits,” said Scott Whittle, President of IP Technology Labs.  “Communications from remote devices is a core function in our connected world.  Enabling this communication with less overhead and no boundaries always means better, lower-cost, and reliable operations.  For us, trust and control always starts with device visibility.  By providing positive control of network assets, not only do we deliver enhanced device management but provide security end-to-end.  Our technology ensures our customer’s operations flow smoothly and securely regardless of how or where the network is provided.”

The patent covers techniques to enable data to be received by a central server from endpoints without establishing a defined path or connection.  The techniques are unique as they do not modify network protocols or standard networking behavior and permits the widest use case with global compatibility.  Additionally, the innovation eliminates the requirement for any peer-to-peer or proxy server thus, the customer’s data is always under their control.

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IP Technology Labs, LLC. is an American designer and manufacturer of cybersecurity and networking appliances headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  It develops and markets endpoint security products for fixed-application devices that eliminate network threats from spoofing, snooping, and backdoors, as well as increasing reliability and cost-savings for remote access connectivity.  Our patented technologies enable IoT end-to-end networking with zero-trust identity-based access control as well as provides low-cost, reliable, & secure remote access connectivity over any Internet or WAN link.