Berg Nutrition Brings a Unique Form of Pure Capsaicin Called aXivite to U.S. Marketplace

Ann Arbor, Michigan, UNITED STATES

ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Berg Nutrition has been named the exclusive U.S. distributer of the branded ingredient, aXivite phenylcapsaicin, a synthetic, innovative form of capsaicin developed by Sweden-based company, aXichem. Made from nature’s capsaicin, aXivite phenylcapsaicin is more efficient and effective to use in health products because of its proprietary structural analogue of capsaicin, which is self-affirmed GRAS Food approved in the United States and officially adopted by the European Commission as a Novel Food (NF) ingredient, after positive scientific opinion by The European Food and Safety Authority.

Capsaicin, the active ingredient found in chili peppers, has been widely recognized for its health benefits including pain alleviation, blood pressure reduction, weight control, and improved gut health to promote better immune response. The problem with pure capsaicin is its strong, hot flavor that cannot be tolerated by most, making it difficult to consume. The branded ingredient, aXivite phenylcapsaicin, is a combination of a phenyl group that has been connected in a unique way to capsaicin.

“We really like the bioavailability of aXivite, and that its active component phenylcapsaicin has a purity of 98% making it highly potent, but also safe for long-term use at a lower dosage,” said Cai Berg, founder and president of Berg Nutrition. “The ingredient is so innovative and there’s nothing else like it in the marketplace. We believe that aXivite is going to open doors for so many brands to provide important health benefits of capsaicin without the toxic risk, plus it’s much more cost effective.”

Unlike naturally extracted capsaicin, which can be toxic, multiple tests prove that aXivite phenylcapsaicin shows no sign of genotoxicity. This makes aXivite phenylcapsaicin safe for long-term use. Phenylcapsaicin is not naturally present in foods. Its role in a food supplement is to work as a bioenhancer of active ingredients, which also makes aXivite phenylcapsaicin suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

“To develop aXivite, we took a naturally occurring phenyl group and used that to modify the capsaicin that would typically be found in nature,” said Lucas Altepost, vice president at aXichem. “It’s a unique process where we have taken the phenyl and combined it with capsaicin using a microencapsulation technique to produce this globally patented and protected ingredient, aXivite.”

Some people report having intolerance to certain parts of the chili pepper, which is another reason why aXivite phenylcapsaicin is beneficial and efficient as it provides the pure capsaicin without introducing the other parts of the chili pepper. Also a key factor to its efficiency is bioavailability, as aXivite phenylcapsaicin enters the bloodstream quicker and is four times more bioactive than natural capsaicin.  

There are many potential applications for aXivite phenylcapsaicin, based on scientific research, including weight loss and weight control; reduced blood pressure; easing an irritated gut; promoting a healthy gut microbiome for better immune response; and topical pain relief for joints and muscles. The ingredient can even be used in a pre-workout drink or in CBD creams. There are no known side effects and no carcinogenetic effects and aXivite is non-allergenic. A free webinar is available for companies interested in learning how to use aXivite phenylcapsaicin in dietary supplements, foods and beverages on Sept. 23. To register visit:

Berg Nutrition is a specialty nutraceutical distributor and the exclusive U.S. supplier for some of the leading European nutrition and biotech companies. The company specializes in supplying high-quality, science-backed ingredients to the U.S. dietary supplement and medical foods industries. With ’round-the-clock support, Berg Nutrition focuses on building strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers by helping European companies understand and breakthrough the unique challenges of the American marketplace. For more information on aXivite phenylcapsaicin visit: and connect to Berg Nutrition’s community on LinkedIn or contact at:

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aXivite phenylcapsaicin comes to U.S. marketplace

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