Datawire Announces the K8s Initializer for Bootstrapping Networking, Ingress, and Observability in a new Kubernetes Cluster

The K8s Initializer allows developers to create application-ready environments in just five clicks

BOSTON, July 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Datawire, the company behind the most popular Kubernetes-native API gateway, Ambassador, today announced the availability of K8s Initializer, a new free tool that makes it easy for development teams to create fully-configured application-ready Kubernetes clusters. 

To effectively build, test, and release cloud native applications, engineers need an application-ready Kubernetes cluster that allows them to route test traffic to observable services. Often this type of environment is custom configured as needed or manually bootstrapped, which creates unnecessary friction. The K8s Initializer eliminates these bottlenecks and empowers engineers to bootstrap networking, ingress, and observability in a new Kubernetes cluster in just 5 clicks via a self-service web-based interface. 

“Since we are early in our Kubernetes adoption journey, learning what tools we need and how to configure them requires us to spend a lot of time reading documentation and understanding the broader Kubernetes ecosystem,” says Mike Yan, CTO at Heliolytics. “The K8s Initializer helped us get set up with ingress and observability in a development cluster right away so we could see how it worked in our own environment.” 

For teams new to Kubernetes, the K8s Initializer provides an easy and effective way to get started with creating an environment to deliver new services quickly. This enables application developers to build, test, and deploy new business functionality faster. The K8s Initializer also allows developers to save their custom-generated configurations so that they can easily repeat this process every time they want to test on a new cluster. 

“For your development teams to be effective on Kubernetes, they need to be building and testing in clusters that are application-ready for their specific environment,” says Richard Li, CEO and Co-Founder of Datawire. “Requiring developers to manually bootstrap these clusters takes time away from feature development and impedes their ability to deliver new features to end users. The K8s Initializer simplifies this process down to a few clicks so developers can spend time delivering features faster.”

This free offering comes hot on the heels of the recently launched Delivery Accelerator module, available within the Ambassador Edge Stack and is designed to improve the process of building and deploying continuous delivery pipelines. The Delivery Accelerator is a key piece of the Kubernetes puzzle that helps developers leverage continuous delivery in order to rapidly build a version 0 of their Kubernetes application. Bootstrapping networking, ingress, and observability -- as offered by the K8s Initializer -- is the next step for an application developer looking to test and release a new Kubernetes service.

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