Thomas Lauth of Lauth Investigations Celebrates 25-Years of Success in Solving Missing Persons Cases

Lauth Investigations is one of the nation's top missing person's investigations agencies.

Indianapolis, Indiana, UNITED STATES

Indianapolis, IN, July 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every family that has ever dealt with a case of a missing person knows that it is a painful experience. Sadly, these cases are quite rampant and in most cases remain unresolved. The best way to increase the chances of success is to engage the services of a missing person’s investigator. Due to the complexity of the process of finding a missing person, field experience is essential. Thomas Lauth is one such expert. His experience as a private investigator spans over 25 years, and in this period, he has helped multiple families that have a missing child, or missing adult cases find their keen. 

Lauth is an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy graduate. After graduating, he served as the Senior Criminal Investigator for Marion County Public Defender in Indiana, before forming his firm. In the course of his career, Lauth has taken part in multiple missing person conferences organized by the U.S Department of Justice. He has also been a volunteer, advising the Missing Children Organization and the National Center for Missing Adults. Lauth has also consulted with Interpol and multiple embassies on international missing persons investigation cases. For his prowess as a missing person’s investigator, Lauth has been featured on several national media such as USA Today, the New York Times, Essence Magazine, and the Los Angeles Daily News.

Lauth formed Thomas Lauth Missing Persons Investigations Worldwide in 1993 and has grown it to become one of the nation's top-rated missing person’s investigations agencies. The firm’s success has a basis on his organization and team-building skills. His firm is made up of a strong team of missing person’s experts and takes pride in having a success rate of 85% in the last 20 years.

 Families that have a case of a missing person can call/text (317) 951-1100 or call 1-800-889-34653 toll-free. . They can also visit the firm’s offices on 201 N. Illinois Street, 16th Floor-South Tower Indianapolis, IN 46204. 


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