Account Blueprints by Optmyzr - New Tool Gives PPC Pros Greater Control Of Holistic Search Marketing Programs

Optmyzr adds feature-rich, integrated project management capabilities to its full PPC Management Suite

Foster City, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Aug. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Powerful search engine marketing in 2020 has expanded far beyond running simple Google Ads against a set of keywords. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a highly complex, detail-oriented profession and a cornerstone of digital marketing overall. Creating the right structure and architecture for effective PPC requires advanced tools.  

Los Altos-based Optmyzr is a leading provider of PPC management software, and today announced the availability of Account Blueprints by Optmyzr. This new feature is built into the full Optmyzr PPC Management Suite and enables PPC pros to design a scalable and repeatable plan for marrying account strategy with flawless execution. Blueprints is included as part of Optmyzr’s full suite and is included in all subscriptions for Optmyzr’s core platform.

Purpose-built for agency and in-house PPC marketers alike, Blueprints by Optmyzr is akin to blueprints used in architecture and construction. The new tool puts the PPC marketer in control of virtually all PPC-related tasks, including those outside of the Optmyzr suite. 

An intuitive step-by-step wizard simplifies the creation of Account Blueprints directly from the Optmyzr user interface. From account setup to assigning tasks such as monitoring budgets, auditing PPC accounts, analyzing search queries to add keywords or negative keywords, bid management, improving quality score, reporting, and many others, Blueprints helps clarify who is responsible for each activity to keep everyone on track. 

Tasks can be set up as one-time or recurring events. Optmyzr also makes it easy to manage and re-assign tasks to help ensure all tasks are covered when an employee is on vacation, leaves a team, or changes roles within a team. 

PPC-related tasks that happen outside of Optmyzr can be managed as well, including assigning development of creative assets, tracking content marketing activities, integration with other marketing initiatives, and myriad other activities. 

“Building a new skyscraper requires detailed blueprints that cover every complexity of the project, which is exactly what our new Blueprints feature does for today’s PPC pro,” said Frederick Vallaeys, co-founding CEO of Optmyzr. “A blueprint in PPC can allow creation of a great account that is well structured and follows the principles of an agreed-upon strategy. We help the PPC pro keep everyone and every task on track, and empower them to adapt to changes - just as an architect’s blueprint does for a construction crew.” 

Account Blueprints by Optmyzr allow agencies to create multiple blueprints, for example by industry vertical, type of client for an agency, or type of strategy. It also allows flexibility to help manage complexities of an integrated, consumer-focused ecommerce program alongside a specialized B2B PPC program.

From account development to campaign maintenance and reporting, Account Blueprints by Optmyzr can help search marketers architect more powerful PPC programs, reduce time spent on project management, and focus time on strategy versus managing tasks. 



Optmyzr Co-Founding CEO Frederick Vallaeys

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