StoryFile and PORTL Launch World’s First A.I. + Hologram Machine

The leaders in artificial intelligence and holograms have formed a strategic partnership to bring plug-and-play units and authentic storytelling to the events industry, museums, halls of fame and even the home

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PORTL Inc. and StoryFile announced today the creation of the  A.I.-enabled StoryFile x Epic PORTL hologram projection machine. The plug-and-play units are the first of their kind and allow visitors to have real, free-flowing conversations with life-size holograms of people beamed into the freestanding device. The resulting product puts high-powered, Hollywood-level impact in reach for many kinds of organizations, and the ability to preserve history and memories in the most effective possible mode. The announcement was made by StoryFile CEO Heather Smith and PORTL CEO David Nussbaum

“For the first time in history you can converse with an artificially intelligent hologram beamed into a human sized hologram projection machine and ask them anything, anywhere, at anytime” said David Nussbaum, CEO of PORTL Inc. “The possibilities are wide open, given the power of StoryFile’s A.I. and the life-like quality of these holograms. I’m looking forward to seeing what the world does with this.”

PORTL was founded in 2019 after Nussbaum became a leading expert in the hologram industry, having produced holograms for arena-sized concerts, a Christian Dior fashion show, and Sony's blockbuster movie premieres, including projects with Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Black, and the famous Ronald Reagan hologram. The Epic PORTL hologram projection machine is the first of a line of devices and software. At only 7ft x 5ft x 2ft, it achieves the goal of making life-size holograms available in small spaces, without expensive custom installations, for the first time. The devices can “beam” in people from anywhere in the world, and also record and play holograms of people and animations.

“We are thrilled to partner with PORTL on the launch of the Epic PORTL hologram projection machine powered by StoryFile,” said Heather Smith, StoryFile CEO. “StoryFile is committed to sharing and preserving stories in the storytellers own words, creating connections between real people across time and space through one-on-one conversations. Being able to combine our storytelling proprietary technology with PORTL’s compact technology creates an exciting new experience for organizations and institutions to showcase their stories. We are looking forward to bringing this unique experience to the world.” 

StoryFile was founded in 2017 to capture, preserve, and make stories accessible across time and space. StoryFile and its projects have gained global recognition and have been covered by many media sources, including 60 Minutes. StoryFile uses artificial intelligence and its Conversa™ software to capture human history and empower people to authentically pass on their experiences, values, struggles and life lessons to future generations. StoryFile has been used to preserve the stories of Holocaust Survivors, Civil Rights Leaders, astronauts and others, allowing for one-on-one conversations. Future projects involve Nobel Laureates, titans of industry, pop stars, and even grandparents talking about something as simple, but culturally powerful, as a family recipe. The opportunities are endless.

The StoryFile x PORTL partnership will put StoryFile created content inside the Epic PORTL hologram projection machines, which are revolutionary in their adaptability and for their ability to present subjects with realistic shadowing, even in broad daylight. 

Demonstration appointments followed by customized price quotes are available by contacting Molly Lavik, Business Development of PORTL Hologram Company at and (310) 488-4401. 

About StoryFile: StoryFile is changing the way people interact and communicate with each other and the world through user-led, voice-activated video that leverages AI to enhance engagement. StoryFile provides a platform for intimate and interactive natural conversation, which allows individuals to authentically preserve and share their stories and experiences through a proprietary and innovative legacy capture system. Individuals can have one-on-one conversations with other StoryFilers, creating new and long-lasting real connections. StoryFile is reimagining storytelling by preserving memories in a meaningful way that empowers the storyteller and you. More info:

About PORTL: PORTL was launched in May of 2019 by David Nussbaum, a pioneer in hologram technology and telepresence. The company seeks to advance the medium of hologram interaction by combining the patented hardware with a developing software ecosystem to accelerate adoption and creativity, and also serves as production house for original content. PORTL’s first product is the PORTL “Epic”, the first self-contained, human sized, scalable hologram projection device for live telepresence, content playback, and now artificial intelligence. PORTL’s studios are in Los Angeles, CA. More info:

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The Epic PORTL Hologram Machine powered by StoryFile's A.I. allows visitors to converse with life-like holograms. StoryFile and PORTL have paired artificial intelligence and holograms in a powerful, plug-and-play machine for the first time.

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