CallMiner and Intradiem Announce Partnership to Take Action on Behavioral Insight in Contact Centers

Partnership Elevates CX and Quality Management by Automating Actions based on Conversational Insight


WALTHAM, Ma., Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CallMiner, the leading provider of artificial intelligence-fueled speech and customer interaction analytics, announced today a partnership with Intradiem, the only workforce automation solution that delivers guaranteed results while improving both agent engagement and the customer experience. The new partnership enables contact centers to raise the bar for customer satisfaction and agent quality management by automatically triggering intelligent actions from voice and text interactions to:

  • Identify when agent behavior shows training is needed
  • Automatically distribute agent knowledge support based on conversational topics
  • Provide real-time agent and supervisor alerts when legal or script compliance is breached

“Intradiem’s real-time workforce automation platform paired with CallMiner’s behavioral analytics enables customers to take immediate action on insights,” said Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. “Leveraging Intradiem’s real-time capabilities reduces the time from identifying an issue and subsequently addressing that issue.”

CallMiner Eureka conversational analytics reveals actionable insight from every contact center voice and text-based interaction from the voice of the customer and voice of the employee. Automated multichannel scoring provides focus to zero-in on what matters most for agent quality improvement and customer experience (CX) optimization.

“CallMiner’s ability to reveal insight from every interaction empowers organizations with behavioral intelligence that compels action with confidence”, said Paul Bernard, president and CEO of CallMiner. “Our partnership with Intradiem will enable contact centers to apply our persistent pulse of customer and agent omnichannel insight with Intradiem automation to more effectively improve agent performance, customer experience and the entire enterprise.”

About Intradiem

Intradiem is the only workforce automation solution that delivers guaranteed results while improving both agent engagement and the customer experience. Our powerful technology acts as an automated manager for the contact center with rules triggered in real-time by actual center conditions. We power over 1.2 billion automated actions annually and demonstrate more than $100 million in annualized savings across the customer base.

About CallMiner

CallMiner is a recognized leader in the speech analytics software industry, harvesting key customer and operational insights from multi- channel customer interactions. Uniting with our customers and partners, our platform drives contact center efficiency, positive customer and employee experience and significant improvements in top and bottom-line corporate performance.



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