Authentic Power in an Overwhelming World: Pastor’s Perspective on The Book of Revelation Shines a Divine Light on Current Events

Rev. Kevin P. Hopkins discusses how one may overcome Corona Virus, toxic media, politics and more in “Revelation: Authentic Power in an Overwhelming World”

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

KINGFISHER, OK, Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A pandemic, social unrest, political distrust, and a constant stream of media influence have filled the world with chaos.  In “Revelation: Authentic Power in an Overwhelming World”, Rev. Kevin P. Hopkins contrasts the façade of power exuded by today’s elite against the authentic power God offers to all of mankind.  

When drafting the book in January, Hopkins had no idea how timely his message of power would be. As the words hit the page and the book took shape, the world fell apart. News of a quickly spreading pandemic took over screens and papers everywhere. Parishioners asked if the pandemic was the start of the apocalypse, they told him they felt fear, insignificance, and helplessness. 

The Pastor told his congregation, “The truth is you are the ones with the real power through God. What you see all around you is only the appearance of power. We live in a world where social media lies to us from every direction, politics pull us in every direction; but God brings you the ability to have peace during all of this. Be a force of calm and reason for everybody else. You are stronger than you know.”

Finding comfort in the book, one reader said, “[after reading the book] you will more easily understand what God's Word is showing you, especially in these unprecedented times. I'm on my second reading, and still gathering important insights. I feel like this book opens up a whole new perception of The Word, and how this particularly important message of the Bible can speak more clearly to me.”

Readers will find solace in Rev. Hopkin’s approach to finding true power in an overwhelming world as he cuts through the distractions that tear people apart, leaving only the word of God through the Book of Revelation. Focusing the text of each chapter to shed light on current events, “Revelation: Authentic Power in an Overwhelming World” is a must-read for anyone seeking comfort in this time of need. 

“Revelation: Authentic Power in an Overwhelming World” By Kevin P. Hopkins  

ISBN: 9781480889873 (softcover); 9781480889859 (hardcover); 9781480889866 (electronic)  Available at the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble  


About the author:  Rev. Kevin Hopkins served for the last 37 years as an educator, business owner, worship minister, and pastor. He has a Bachelor of Music Education from Oklahoma State University, a Master of Arts in Religion from Southern Nazarene University, and a Ph.D. in Leadership for Higher Education from Capella University. From his home in Oklahoma, Rev. Hopkins hopes to use his book as a platform to bring forward the central message of the Book of Revelations by removing layers of tradition and mystical interpretation to share the message of strength and assurance found in The Revelation.


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