Avobis Bio and Vineti announce strategic collaboration to support new implantable cell therapies addressing debilitating conditions

NEWARK, Del. and SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Avobis Bio, LLC (Avobis Bio), a clinical-stage regenerative therapy company specializing in the development of implantable cell therapies, and Vineti, Inc., the leading software platform for personalized therapeutics, announced a new collaboration to advance and scale Avobis Bio’s innovative cell therapy pipeline.

Avobis Bio’s first therapeutic involves harvesting and processing a patient's own mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of perianal fistulas, an often debilitating condition that afflicts patients with Crohn's disease. Personalized therapies require a software system to manage the complex value chain associated with autologous, patient-based therapies and Vineti  provides the leading digital software platform to align and efficiently manage this process.

“Avobis Bio is working towards a major leap forward in implantable cell therapy for treating debilitating conditions and alleviating patient suffering,” said Tiffany Brown, General Manager, Avobis Bio. “Our clinical-phase pipeline will advance more quickly with the support of a leading software platform that solves many of the infrastructure challenges facing personalized treatments.”

Through this collaboration, Vineti’s software platform will help Avobis Bio advance its clinical trial by supporting cell collection scheduling, logistics orchestration, and traceability for each patient’s individual drug product.

Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management platform (PTM) is the first cloud-based software platform to help safely and efficiently move patient-based personalized therapies through clinical development and into mainstream medicine at scale. The Vineti platform – configurable, cloud-based, secure and scalable – brings the best of enterprise software to advanced therapies. The Vineti solution automates traceability for personalized therapies, enables sophisticated, efficient treatment scheduling and manufacturing, and helps ensure conformation with regulations and standards.

“Vineti is honored to support Avobis Bio in its work to develop a new generation of implantable cell therapies,” said Amy DuRoss, CEO and Co-founder, Vineti. “Avobis Bio has created a remarkable new approach for patients in true need. We are very excited to help them scale their treatments and reach more patients with few other options.”

About Avobis Bio, LLC

Avobis Bio is dedicated to advancing the development of implantable cell therapies to treat debilitating conditions without a cure.  The investigational portfolio explores the use of mesenchymal stem cells combined with bioabsorbable scaffolds to enhance the effectiveness of cells in stimulating the body to heal.  Avobis Bio was formed as a joint venture between Mayo Clinic and W. L. Gore & Associates to combine capabilities in clinical care, cell biology, materials science and commercialization of medical products.  In a tribute to the patients it serves and the power of their own mesenchymal stem cells, Avobis Bio draws its name from the Latin a vobis, meaning “from you” or “by you”.

About Vineti, Inc.

Vineti is the first commercial, configurable cloud-based platform to expand patient access to life-saving cell and gene therapies. Vineti was co-founded by GE and the Mayo Clinic to solve the key challenges that patients, medical providers, biopharmaceutical companies and regulators face in the delivery and commercialization of individualized therapies. Now a fully independent company, Vineti offers a digital Personalized Therapy Management (PTM) platform of record to integrate logistics, manufacturing and clinical data for personalized therapies. The Vineti platform supports the full continuum of patient-specific therapies, including cancer vaccines and autologous and allogeneic therapies. The company is expanding rapidly, and the Vineti platform will be in use in hundreds of leading medical centers worldwide in 2019, on behalf of multiple biopharmaceutical partners. In 2019, the World Economic Forum selected Vineti as a global Technology Pioneer.

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