Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing Hires New CFO Amid Expansion

Lee, Massachusetts

Lee, MA, Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BSM, a supplier of sterile filling and formulation services for clinical scale and small volume commercial drugs and sterile medical devices, welcomed Joel Quiñones to their executive team in June. His arrival comes soon after the company received $16.5M in financing from Berkshire Bank to purchase a new state-of-art filling line and expand the company’s capacity for sterile manufacturing.

Joel’s role as CFO includes analyzing the company’s financial performance and making recommendations concerning resource allocation and business operations. Joel replaces Paul Souza, who recently retired as CFO.

In separate news, UDG Healthcare, a global health service company, with a US subsidiary, Sharp, purchased a minority position in BSM. The mutually beneficial deal will support BSM’s growth and offer new and existing clients a smooth transition to packaging and distribution services if requested.

“Joel fills an important role in our executive team and will help define our future,” said Dr. Shawn Kinney, CEO and cofounder of BSM.

“We are thrilled to have Joel join our team and help guide BSM through its expansion and our strategic growth,” said Dr. Andrea Wagner, Senior Vice President of Business Development and cofounder of BSM.

Joel was previously the CFO of Prototek Holdings, a rapid prototype manufacturer where he implemented financial controls and professionalized the FP&A and budgeting process. Prior to Prototek, he served as the CFO for Seaboard Folding Box Company and served time as a consultant in which he acted as the interim CFO for Kochek Company and Interim Controller for Wind River Environmental.

Joel earned his B.S. in Economics & Finance at Bentley University and an MBA with a concentration in Accounting at Clark University.



About Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing

Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing Inc., is a leader in high quality clinical and small volume commercial manufacture of sterile injectable drug/biologic products and medical devices. BSM utilizes state of art isolator technologies to provide the greatest sterility assurance possible. BSM’s Lee, Massachusetts facility is FDA inspected and offers a variety of services including: sterile fill finish, analytical and microbiological testing, stability services and regulatory support.


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Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing (BSM), added Joel Quiñones, MBA, to their executive team while recently receiving $16.5M in financing and selling a minority position to Sharp Inc.

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