Ascendant Introduces Payment Tracking Through SWIFT gpi

TORONTO, Aug. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AscendantFX Capital announced today that they have become members of the SWIFT network, and more specifically the Global Payment Initiative (gpi). Ascendant will leverage SWIFT gpi to further enhance its customer platform aPay and its API capabilities, improve payment delivery, and provide greater transparency for customers.

SWIFT gpi provides end-to-end transparency on fees related to both deductions and exchange rates. This includes the final amount paid to the end beneficiary and the transmission of full and unaltered remittance information, which eases the reconciliation of payments. Ascendant also expects to see a significant reduction in the number of payment investigations and time taken to resolve these investigations.

“We are always looking to provide our customers greater clarity into the payment journey. We plan to use the data SWIFT gpi provides to route payments in the most effective, efficient way possible. SWIFT gpi’s technology is revolutionary for the payments industry and gives power back to the customer,” said Shemina Jiwani, Chief Operating Officer for AscendantFX.

Tracking payments like a parcel has been a long-standing request from Ascendant’s customers and partner-led innovation groups. To take it a step further, Ascendant is making this data accessible to customers within their online platform, aPay, as well as through their robust API solution, aPay Link. Ascendant is at the forefront of innovation in the sector and will continue to drive innovation based on customer needs.

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