A Cloud Guru Launches New Flagship Cloud Learning Platform as Cloud Adoption Accelerates

Combination of A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy creates the most comprehensive, hands-on, and effective cloud learning solution for individual learners and enterprise teams


AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today A Cloud Guru (ACG), the leader in modern tech skills development, announced the launch of its new flagship ACG platform, forming the most comprehensive, hands-on, and effective skills development platform for cloud learning in the world. Following the December 2019 acquisition of Linux Academy (LA), the new platform combines the strengths and benefits of both ACG and LA products to offer an unparalleled solution for upleveling cloud skills among individual learners and enterprise teams.

Businesses of all sizes are actively adopting cloud computing to gain a competitive edge. In fact, 80% are quickly ramping up cloud adoption in response to the current pandemic, and those that don’t will quickly get left behind. IT decision makers say the primary challenge to optimizing cloud adoption and maturity is a lack of skilled talent, with 86% saying that a shortage of qualified talent will slow down their cloud projects this year. With a DNA built for and on the cloud, ACG is uniquely positioned to address this growing issue.

“Traditional education is not equipping the workforce with the skills they need to be successful in IT careers,” said ACG co-founder and CEO Sam Kroonenburg. “Modern technology requires a modern approach to education, and both ACG and Linux Academy have pioneered the transformation of technical learning. With our combined platform, we’re poised to accelerate our impact and solve the single biggest problem facing CIOs, CTOs and Learning & Development leaders today.”

The new A Cloud Guru platform features:

  • The World’s Largest Cloud Learning Library: The new course catalog is 300% larger than ACG’s previous catalog with the inclusion of content previously available only on Linux Academy. The library covers everything from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, to Kubernetes and containers, to security and Linux. Every course is created with a proven teaching methodology that focuses on simple, memorable concepts, relatable analogies, and learning by doing.
  • Hands-On Labs: Courses now include embedded learn-by-doing components, and in total, learners will have access to 1,500 hands-on labs that put them into real-world cloud environments where they can hone their skills and rapidly increase their cloud maturity.

For businesses, A Cloud Guru’s updated ACG for Business platform enables organizations to build a culture of cloud innovation and accelerate continuous skills development at scale. Built on insights from thousands of business customers, the end-to-end solution for cloud learning additionally incorporates a variety of enterprise features, including:

  • Programmatic Learning Paths offer specialized training curriculum based on desired outcomes and career tracks.
  • Certification Accelerators deliver the fastest path to get teams working effectively and across a common cloud language.
  • Cloud Playgrounds provide real-world multi-cloud sandbox environments and servers with no risk of cost overruns to the organization.
  • Multi-Specialty Skills Assessments deploy across an organization to identify skills gaps and help technology leaders tackle one of the primary hurdles to cloud skills development: figuring out where to begin.

“We’ve seen real value from A Cloud Guru’s expanded focus on learn-by-doing with features like Cloud Playground,” explained Jeff Hammond, Accenture AWS Business Group Global Capability Development Lead. “We’ve accelerated Accenture’s learning journey and helped drive cloud skill development across our company.”

"Having hands-on labs and the ability to test in a sandbox environment has been a major differentiator for A Cloud Guru from other skills development platforms CloudCheckr has used,” added Alana Fitts, Director of Sales Strategy, CloudCheckr. “With ACG, team members across the organization, from engineers to sales people, get the chance to practice their skills and accelerate learning.”

The company continues to support and enhance its Linux Academy solution for existing LA customers, and it expects to migrate users to the new ACG platform over the course of the next year. All new customers will be onboarded directly onto the new ACG platform.

“At A Cloud Guru, we believe that a successful cloud strategy is, at heart, a successful people strategy,” said ACG President Katie Bullard. “Every organization needs to be more competitive, innovate faster, and become more cost efficient. The fastest way there? You must make sure that your team has the resources to accelerate cloud adoption and maturity.”

In conjunction with the launch, ACG is offering 15% off its new Business Plus package during August and September only for teams of 25 or more.

For more information, visit www.acloudguru.com.

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