MobiusTrend: Weibo Appears on WIMI's Institutional Investors List, Heralding Changes in China's Hologram AR Industry

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HONG KONG, Aug. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on 'Weibo Appears on WIMI's Institutional Investors List, Heralding Changes in China's Hologram AR Industry'. According to SEC, WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading holographic AR application platform in China, announced the closing of WIMI's public offering. Participants in the offering are a selected group of institutional investors, including WB Online Investment Limited, an affiliate of Weibo Corporation.

Many people will think that Sina Weibo is further expanding its layouts and plans in the AR field. Weibo is a social media platform based on user relationships. Weibo provides an unprecedented and straightforward way for users to publish content at any time in public. It enables users to interact with others and be closely connected with the world through split propagation. As a new entrance to the Internet, Weibo has changed the way of information transmission and realized the instant sharing of information. In the meantime, as the impacts of COVID-19 gradually fades and the sustained economy recovery, it is believed that with the continuous increase of the user base of Weibo, Chinese enterprises will continue to carry out advertisement marketing on microblog platform and invest more.

The AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) industries have gradually recovered this year, in the context of COVID-19 prevention and control, as well as the commercial use of 5G. In the future, AR/VR devices will not only be a tool, but also become the next generation of computing platform after mobile phones.

During the specific situation of COVID-19 this year, there is a higher demand for the AR/VR technology, and these industries have gained further development. At the same time, the acceleration of the construction of 5G communications also brings AR/VR devices into the era of consumption, with broad application prospects.

WIMI was founded in 2015. After five years, it has grown into one of China's leading holographic cloud integrated technology solutions providers. It is easy to find that the reason why Weibo decided to cooperate with WIMI Holographic is WIMI's profound technical accumulation in the hologram AR field. WIMI's unique technical advantages and development capabilities bring more landing options to the market.

The core of WIMI's business is holographic AR technology, which is used in software engineering, content production, cloud and big data, and provides holographic services and products, which are based on AR, for customers. WIMI has two main business segments. One is holographic AR advertising service, and the holographic AR advertising software allows users to insert real or animated 3D objects into a video clip, making the advertising content seamlessly linked to the scene of the video clip. Advertising services are also divided into online advertising and offline advertising. Online advertising means that WIMI Hologram inserts real or animated 3D objects into the video clips through software to connect the advertising content with the video scene. Offline advertising is presenting holographic vision ads through special equipment, such as photoion advertising machine, holographic glass advertising machine, and holographic window. Overall, this kind of advertisement require special display equipment to display visual effects better.

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