Author Celebrates Uniqueness and Respect for Others in Empowering Anti-Bullying Children’s Book

Author and mother Marcela Sosa releases new book, ‘Ugly Girl,’ promoting positivity and educating parents on bullying

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

CONCORD, Calif., Aug. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One out of every five students report being bullied. In Marcela Sosa’s debut book, “Ugly Girl,” readers will experience how bullying can affect a child’s life at home and school. It can be challenging for children to come to their parents about the incidents they endure while they are at school when adults are not around. Sosa’s book provides a roadmap for children and parents to get through such a tough time.

The book is told beautifully through raw illustrations drawn by Sosa. “Ugly Girl” follows a happy child named Mia, who is about to start the school year. Every morning her father calls her “his beautiful girl,” which always brightened Mia’s day. When it is time for the first day of school, she is thrilled to make new friends and start this exciting new chapter. Unfortunately, when Mia is at her first recess of the year, several classmates approach her and begin making fun of how she looks by calling her “ugly.” Mia’s parents start to realize that their daughter was acting differently, from not being herself to wearing different clothes that she thought would make her classmates approve.

Later on, Mia is finally friends with the classmates who made fun of her, but she starts to realize they just found another student to target. When she saw how mean her new friends were, Mia decided that she did not want to make others feel how she felt. Mia grasped that she needed to be who she was born to be regardless of how these classmates made her feel. She then decided that she wanted to help students who were mistreated by being one of their friends and showing them the love and respect they deserve.

“I decided to write my book, ‘Ugly Girl,’ after my son was being bullied,” said Sosa. “It was an extremely hard time for him and my entire family. I wanted to find a way to help him and other children who are experiencing this hardship. My new book provides answers for children who are being bullied and how they do not need to suffer in silence. Parents can make a huge difference in their child’s lives by helping them triumph through this time.”

“Ugly Girl” will educate readers that being kind and showing respect is the most important thing in this world and will make it a better place.

“Ugly Girl”
By Marcela Sosa
ISBN: 978-1-4897-2907-1 (softcover); 978-1-4897-2908-8 (hardcover); 978-1-4897-2909-5 (eBook)
Available at LifeRich Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Marcela Sosa is the mother of three wonderful sons. She was inspired to write her debut book, “Ugly Girl,” after one of her sons was bullied. Since then, she has worked with children being bullied and children who are bullies and have seen many lives transform for the better. Sosa and her family live in California.

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“Ugly Girl”
By Marcela Sosa

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