The Top 10 Confidence Coaches To Be Following in 2020

New York City, New York, Aug. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Confidence is something that the majority of people will struggle with in one way, shape or form throughout their life. Oftentimes low self-esteem is a manifestation from events early on in our childhoods, however we often fail to recognise it. Like any other skills however, confidence can be built over time - and shape you into a person you never thought you could become. According to Boost Media Agency, a great coach is of utmost importance if you want the confidence that you truly desire. There are a few who have the knowledge and experience to overcome adversity and transform lives, and here we present the 10 confidence coaches leading the way in their industry in 2020:

Christina Lecuyer (@bechristina)

Former Professional Golfer and TV Host turned leading Confidence and Mindset Coach, Christina Lecuyer now works with an extensive list of clientele from around the world - including coaches, entrepreneurs, and Wallstreet CEOs. 

After years of battling low self-confidence, an eating disorder, and tying her worth to external validation, Christina was able to turn her life around completely to provide results she’d never known were possible.

Through her own experience and knowledge, she is able to help her clients make profound transformations through tangible action steps towards the life they’ve always dreamed of. 

Christina specialises in 1:1 and small group coaching, offering direct access to her around the clock as she understands self-esteem issues are no overnight quick fix. “I don’t think people will only have a problem once a week for an hour. I want people to be able to connect with me for their wins and problems throught the entire coaching experience. That’s where the deep transformations occur.” Christina explained. 

Having also raised over a million dollars for charity on the golf course, Christina’s life experience puts her in a class of her own -- as no degree or qualification can compare to real-life experiences.

Whitney Abraham (@whitneyabraham)
Whitney Abraham is a business and confidence coach for passionate and impact-oriented women. In just 2 years, she built two 6-figure businesses from her living room while raising two toddlers. Having previously spent a decade raising millions of dollars for other organizations, Whitney’s expertise revolves around building confidence, sales strategies, and leveraging the Internet to scale businesses. Through her work as a coach, she found that a lack of confidence keeps most women from hitting 6 figures in their business revenue, which only 18% of female founders make. Seeing the same core issues arise for all her 1:1 clients, Whitney devised a program she calls the 6 Pivots to 6 Figures Method, where she helps clients adjust their mindset and sales strategies to help them scale to  6-figure businesses and beyond. She works with her clients to help them get clarity on their brand and teach them how to hone their voice to become magnetic to their customers. With her proven confidence formula, she can take anyone from insecure to wildly confident in all aspects of their lives. 

Brittany Sanfilippo (@asboldasbritt)

Brittany Sanfilippo
is a certified Life, Health, and Confidence coach, dedicated to teaching her clients actionable steps on how to turn their dreams into reality. With multiple certifications under her belt, she is a triple threat in the coaching industry. Her holistic approach not only leaves her clients with sky-high confidence but also strengthens their relationships, mindset, health, body image, career path, and self-love. Using her signature framework, The Bold Britt method, she helps transform her clients into the boldest versions of themselves. Her programs include The Bold Bitch Blueprint 1:1 coaching and Bold Business Intensives & Build Your Bold course which both help women face their fears and unleash their individualities with boldness. Brittany’s branding talks a lot about sensuality through her Health at Every Size approach. She was even featured in Glamour and Huffington Post for participating in a body-positive movement. She believes that sustainable results come when one focuses on having an abundant mindset and pleasure rather than obsessing over unnecessary doubts and insecurities. Her energy, boldness, and holistic approach makes her one of the most trusted confidence coaches in the industry.

Erika Eileen (@erikaaeileen)

Erika’s journey started when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of eight. Growing up with a chronic disease, that is stereotyped and stigmatized around the topic of weight and being healthy, gave her a bad relationship with her physical self. So, she started working on self-confidence while studying both physical and health education, and gender equality and social justice at university. When she moved to Australia, she was subconsciously forced to work on her body confidence by wearing bikinis more often. But then, she realized that confidence is more than what we look like. She started learning what it takes to really be confident inside and out. Erika’s approach to coaching focuses on building confidence, allowing women to identify the limiting beliefs holding them back from achieving their goals, and taking back the power that society stole from, which lead to their insecurity. Erika takes her clients on a journey, helping them to approach life with conviction and be more confident in their endeavours, and her own story helps her connect with and inspire her clients on a whole new level.

Raelyn Paige Monteiro (@theraelynpaige)
Raelyn Paige Monteiro is an empowerment strategist who helps women unapologetically own their voice, power, and purpose in their life and business. From 2017 to 2020, Raelyn has worked part-time for a local marketing company doing content creation and social media management, and that’s where she discovered a skill that she loves — social media strategies. She created digital products and packaged her experiences into services, wanting to help women create the business and life they desire. Raelyn has helped women expand their social media presence through IG SLAY, a 4-week online course she designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to attract their dream clients. As an empowerment strategist, she commits herself to help more women skip the struggle that she has experienced herself and provide them strategies that work. She also authored 3 Steps to Online Success Workbook, aiming to help people create a solid foundation for their businesses using her signature steps that have proven to be effective in growing their presence online. She stands by the saying, “You are you, and that is your superpower.”

Kristy Nystrom (@kristynystrom)

As a holder of a master’s degree in counseling, Kristy Nystrom has dedicated her life coaching women, helping them to break through obstacles and be the most confident versions of themselves. Her love for fitness helped both her and her clients get out of their nutshells, boosting their self esteem and overall body image.  As a certified professional for integrative nutrition and wellness, Kristy is highly competent in practicing a holistic approach towards a healthy diet, while looking at the different aspects of their lifestyle as well. She believes that to achieve full health, it has to start with having the right mindset, and truly loving one’s self by knowing what the body needs. Kristy’s program is divided into three phases, tackling the negative and limiting beliefs that are keeping her clients stuck. With the combination of her education, body positivity and Kristy’s natural ability to motivate people, she’s been able to guide her clients in their journey as they free themselves from frustrations, and have a whole new outlook on life. Approaching life through living with confidence is the key to success and that’s more than enough reason to celebrate life, find its worth, and share it with the world - which is the impact Kristy has been able to create.

Brooke Lindsay (@bybrookelindsay)

Brooke Lindsay is a confidence coach dedicated to supporting women in practising self-love, reclaiming their confidence and accepting their bodies. Understanding first-hand how nearly every woman on the planet has struggled with food in some way or another, Brooke knows exactly how hard it is to be confident in a world that makes us feel like we’re never good enough. Brooke specialises in helping women feel confident in their body and their business, by building deep-rooted confidence that no one can mess with. She works with her clients through her online 1:1 private coaching sessions, designed for women who are ready to take control of their lives, learn to love themselves and embody the confident woman they've always dreamed of being. Brooke is also the host of The Modelling Confidence Podcast designed to challenge our old ways of thinking and highlight women who are paving the way for body positivity, worthiness and self-care. Brooke’s ability to relate her clients on a deep level has enabled her to create profound and lasting transformations, and she has the breadth of experience to know what you’re going through, and how best to serve and support you every step of the way.

Lauren Claire (@thelaurenclaire)

Ex-corporate girl, turned travel blogger who set out Find herself and see the world back in 2016 after experiencing overwhelm and anxiety due to work stress, Lauren Claire has built and grown her own social media and confidence coaching business, working primarily with female entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders in the online space. Setting people up for success is her passion, and she’s able to do this by building their confidence and self-esteem as they put themselves out there. Having struggled with confidence herself, Lauren knows how hard it can be to say no to fear and follow her dreams. Having overcome her self-doubt, she committed herself to help other people understand their inner selves, own their stories, and use their unique experiences to build the foundations of their business. Lauren designed her 12-week Social Sales Accelerator 1:1 intensive program, designed for female entrepreneurs lacking the confidence to show up for their business, or build the business of their dreams. Lauren goes above and beyond the time she spends with her clients, by setting them up for long-term success versus having quick wins or focusing on overnight success strategies. Lauren is an expert at developing the right mindset and confidence, creating social media business strategies, building authority and making online sales with ease.

Elan Zelenka (@elanzelenka)

A Self-Mastery Coach who specializes in helping women gain the confidence they need in order to express themselves fully, Elan Zelenka helps her clients take radical ownership of their lives, and expedite their growth. Helping to uncover the fears and beliefs that are holding them back, Elan guides them to living a more aligned, exciting, and empowered lifestyle. “It is my mission to help women rise and become embodied leaders of not only their own life, but for the wellbeing of humanity and the planet as a whole. I’m here to remind women that their unique qualities and femininity are their ultimate super-power in creating positive change that the world needs” Elan explains. Understanding that every individual she works with is unique, Elan provides custom-tailored plans for action, as well as keeping them accountable on their confidence and self-mastery journey. Elan harmoniously blends spiritual elements, physical practices and logical exercises to deliver a true ‘mind, body and spirit’ experience for her clients. Through her practice, Elan is able to guide people towards embracing fear, normalizing vulnerability and cultivating individualism, as well as intuition. With the crazy year that has been 2020, Elan’s knowledge and experience have enabled her to help even more clients have the mind-blowing transformations they’ve been longing for.

Shalanna Layne (@shalannalayne_)

Having grown up struggling to maintain her positive attitude around the clock, Shalanna Layne was able to reignite her passion for life and gain a confidence she never thought imaginable, which she now teaches to her clients. Offering an 8-week comprehensive coaching program that dives deep into the core elements of routine, habits and health, which is for the women who are ready to own their truth and move on from the past, so that beauty and magic can be created in their life and business - on their own terms.In Shalanna’s program you will learn how to shift your mindset from a ‘Negative Nina’ to a ‘Positive Patty’, so you can start living without guilt or shame. “It wasn't until my early thirties when I left a toxic relationship and I realized that in order to properly instill positive change in my life,  I needed to shift my mindset. From the way I think about myself to life and everything in between” Shalanna explained. Having come from a place of struggle herself, Shalanna’s experience perfectly equips her to give you the sense of confidence and radiating love for who you are. 

Make sure to follow each of these incredible coaches, as they continue to thrive and help their clients grow. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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