Insurers Enhance Exposure Management with ClarionDoor’s CD Tracker

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Aug. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For insurers, mitigating losses is critical to survival, and it all starts with managing exposure. Over-exposure can lead to unmanageable losses, while under-exposure means not optimizing capacity. To solve this problem, ClarionDoor is pleased to announce the launch of CD Tracker – an API-first, real-time tracking tool that integrates exposure management directly into operational distribution processes.

With annual losses trending upwards throughout the insurance industry, controlling exposure is becoming more important. Insurers have traditionally taken a reactive approach to managing exposure, mostly due to the lack of real-time insights, resulting in over exposure and increased losses. However, insurers, like Unicorn Underwriting Limited (Unicorn), a London-based managing general agent (MGA), are taking a proactive approach to managing exposure and limiting losses with CD Tracker. 

“Managing exposure and capital outlay has always been an industry wide challenge,” said Tyler Bair, strategy director at Unicorn. “We need the ability to track our aggregates against deployed limits and know instantly whether we are under performing or over exposed. ClarionDoor’s CD Tracker enables us to do that and in real-time. Now we are positioned to manage our exposure proactively, write business with confidence, and increase trust with our carriers.”

CD Tracker eliminates the guesswork when it comes to determining exposure. Through a simplified configuration tool, insurers can now define which performance metrics to monitor, track activity in real-time, and establish underwriting thresholds that instantly control quote activity in any frontline point-of-sale (PoS) platform. 

“We are convinced that retrospective activities need to be coalesced into the frontline,” said Michael DeGusta, CEO at ClarionDoor. “Many insurers are trapped in a reactive process when managing exposure, oftentimes leading to excessive losses or unoptimized capacity. Insurers need a solution that delivers actionable, real-time insights, enabling them to act proactively. CD Tracker was designed to do just that.”

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