ITRI Unveils Achievements in Smart Robotics at TAIROS 2020


TAIPEI, Taiwan, Aug. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The curtain opened today on the 2020 edition of the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show (TAIROS) at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. ITRI is exhibiting its latest achievements in intelligent robot technology, specifically displaying its AI Auto Annotation Application that accurately engages in bin picking, as well as its Advanced Robotic Grinding and Polishing System that assists factories in manufacturing a range of products without having to halt the production line. These technologies highlight the sustainable environment concepts being promoted in ITRI’s 2030 Technology Strategy & Roadmap, which will assist industry in its digital transformation and seize business opportunities in the post-pandemic era.

Dr. Jwu-Sheng Hu, ITRI's Vice President and General Director of Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories, commented that in the post-pandemic era, the manufacturing sector is looking to become more automated, more adapted to frequent line change, and more customized. The 2030 Technology Strategy & Roadmap that ITRI has drafted responds to the rapidly changing production needs of manufacturers and looks to integrate Taiwan’s advantages in machinery, information and communications, and electronics R&D in the development of intelligent robot technology. These robots feature AI, 5G, and cloud communications technologies, offering a path for the digital transformation of factories, and helping manufacturers move towards smart manufacturing. This ultimately enhances their international competitiveness, he said.  

ITRI is unveiling several achievements in smart robotics at this year’s TAIROS:

AI Auto Annotation Application: Robot Random Bin Picking

ITRI has developed the world’s first auto annotation application, which enables robot random bin picking. The app is able to automatically collect and label data and use a variety of AI recognition imagery to teach robots to access materials. Compared with the bottleneck created by being able to label only 25 images in one hour using traditional methods, this technology enables the labeling of 10,000 images an hour, speeding up labeling by a factor of 400. The configuration time of a bin picking robot, which used to take 30 days, can now be achieved in just one day with this new technology, providing a 30 times faster process. This technology is applicable in warehousing and logistics, shoe manufacturing, and plumbing hardware.

RobotSmith: Advanced Robotic Grinding and Polishing System

ITRI has developed Taiwan’s first Advanced Robotic Grinding and Polishing System, which reduces actual grinding error by simulating the robot’s grinding path. The grinding error is less than 1 mm using this system, which can also simulate grinding force to an accuracy of 80%, thus improving grinding quality. When a new workpiece is introduced into the production line, reliable machine vision recognition avoids the need for the factory to halt the production line, as the system can immediately identify the new workpiece and simulate the grinding path, enabling large-variety small-quantity flexible manufacturing. This technology has been applied to metal processing, plumbing hardware, and hand tool industries.

Visiting Information:
ITRI Booth: I-608
Date: Aug 19-22, 2020
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

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ITRI developed the world’s first AI auto annotation application, which enables robot random bin picking.

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