Global Warming Solutions, Inc. and Carbon Company, LTD. to manufacture and sell HCU (Humate Coated Urea) in New Zealand.

Jacksonville, Florida, UNITED STATES

Jacksonville, Florida, Aug. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Warming Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GWSO) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with New Zealand CARBON COMPANY, LTD. ( manufacture and sell HCU (Humate Coated Urea) in New Zealand.

For more than 50 years, countries with adequate supplies of high-quality humates have been using the product to improve soil quality and boost plant growth. The volume of trial work and scientific study is huge. Results indicate that humates reduce the amount of fertilizer needed and improves production, both quantity and quality. More production for less cost! 

Although humates use is associated with organic fertilizers, its biggest impact is on urea and other traditional applications. More than 90% of world's industrial production of urea is destined for use as a nitrogen-release fertilizer. Urea is usually spread at rates of between 40 and 300 kg/ha (35 to 270 lbs/acre). 

The global urea market is currently estimated to be worth $64.1 billion and is estimated to be growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of approximately 2 percent until 2022, according to Beroe, Inc., a procurement intelligence firm. The global urea capacity is projected to increase by 17 MT (million tons) to reach 226 MT by 2021, moving towards a potential growing surplus in the long-term.

During the last decade GWSO, under the leadership of Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko created and tested a new Humate Coated Urea formula on local farms in Canada. GWSO and Carbon Company, LTS have agreed that there's a lot of potential, and some significant cost savings for farmers in New Zealand from using HCU instead of traditional urea applications. Urea comprises about half a New Zealand farmer's fertilizer costs.  Our product will benefit New Zealand farmers tremendously while opening a market entry opportunity for GWSO. 

Under the Agreement, the Parties agreed to open HCU manufacturing facilities to produce HCU and sell this product to local farmers, expanding operations to farmers in other countries like Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, and the USA.

Utilizing the soil to a much greater extent via carbon sequestration is a potential game changer. It's so much more cost-effective than many of the other CO2 reduction measures readily available in today's market. New Zealand Humates & GWSO's HCU project will open new horizons for the global economy.


How is HCU better than other nitrogen fertilizers? It requires less fertilizer and lower fertilizer costs for farmers and growers, provides greater nitrogen and nutrient availability, boosting crop yields, reduces nitrogen, mineral and nutrient leaching, improving our environment. It is more ecologically friendly to the Nature! It stimulates plant growth and Photosynthesis (CO2 absorption by leaves) and, as a result, increases yield. HCU does not suppress biological processes; instead, it enhances the level of micro-nutrients, nutrient availability and soil biology processes.

We encourage farmers and policymakers to embrace technology in order to:

(1) reduce fertilizer costs,
(2) minimize the need for and use of chemical fertilizers,
(3) improve the size and nutritional value of crop yields,
(4) decrease nitrogen and CO2 leaching into the atmosphere and waterways,
(5) sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, which can potentially be used by farmers to bank carbon credits that they can trade for profit on a national/global carbon trading mechanism,
(6) take immediate effective action on climate change.

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Global Warming Solutions, Inc. (GWSO) develops and commercializes technologies that help mitigate Global Warming and its effect on our planet. The Company targets two areas that help reduce the extent of Global Warming and fight issues that have risen in consequence: Clean Energy and Carbon Control. Current climate models predict that global temperatures will rise sharply over the next century. The increase in temperatures can be slowed or eliminated by decreasing the amounts of greenhouse gases released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Global Warming Solutions seeks to leverage its experience and management to help make a difference in the fight for climate control.

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